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Introduction to Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University

Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University (延安大学西安创新学院, website) is a full-time independent undergraduate college approved by Yan’an University and approved by the Ministry of Education (No. [2004] 72) in May 2004. The college is located in the university city of the southern suburbs of the ancient capital of Xi’an. The ancient campus is surrounded by trees, surrounded by lakes, and the modern teaching, library experiment building and the traditional office building of the quadrangle office courtyard complement each other. The college implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. The current chairman is Wang Xirong and the dean is Cui Haichao.

Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University currently has 4 secondary colleges: School of Nursing, School of Business, School of Civil Engineering, School of Data Science and Computer, and Department of Chinese Language and Literature and Cultural Communication, Department of Foreign Languages, and Department of Art. , Ideological and Political Teaching Department, Physical Education Department, 2 public teaching departments, 1 experimental teaching center. The college has nursing, pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, Chinese language and literature, Chinese international education, accounting, business administration, marketing, hotel management, mathematics and applied mathematics, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, physical education Network engineering, software engineering, civil engineering, architecture, water supply and drainage science and engineering, engineering management, English, business English, art, environmental design, visual communication design and other 30 undergraduate majors, covering liberal arts, science, engineering, management, agriculture 7 disciplines, including medicine, medicine, and art. There are more than 7,000 students, 474 faculty members, including 27 professors, 36 associate professors, 8 doctors, and 173 masters. In 2018, it recruited students from 16 provinces (autonomous regions) of the country.
The college has teaching facilities to meet the needs of education and teaching. The library currently has more than 310,000 volumes of paper collections, more than 500 types of Chinese and foreign periodicals, and more than 5,700 volumes of electronic periodicals. The campus network is connected to Yan’an University, and the Weipu Examination Resource Database, China Knowledge Network and other databases have been opened. Teaching and research instruments and equipment 6574 sets of teaching instruments and equipment, built 77 integrated laboratory laboratories such as comprehensive nursing, comprehensive enterprise management, network engineering, anatomy, electronic comprehensive laboratory, and an ORACLE practice training base on campus. In cooperation with Wahaha Group, Fuying Hotel Group, Sheraton Hotel Group, Xijing Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University, Xi’an Qujiang Water Plant and other units, 65 internship training bases have been established.

Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University always regards improving education quality as the core task of running a school, continuously innovating the training model and optimizing the training plan. The work is standardized and orderly, the talent training has distinctive characteristics, and remarkable school running results have been achieved. Since the establishment of the school, it has cultivated 17,055 high-quality applied talents for the society, admitted nearly 2,000 graduate students and civil servants at all levels, and many outstanding graduates have emerged in the fields of management, education, and finance. It has won more than 200 awards in various competitions at various levels. In the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the CCTV Cup National English Speech Contest, and the National Information Technology Application Level Contest, our student team has repeatedly achieved good results. Teachers’ scientific research level has been continuously improved. In the past 3 years, 425 publications (departments) have been published, including 68 core journals. They have obtained 18 national “practical model” and “design” patents.

Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University has achieved outstanding results in foreign cooperation in running schools and exchanges. In August 2014, the College signed the Framework Agreement on Educational Cooperation and Exchange with Daejin University in Korea. In May 2015, it signed a letter of intent on inter-school cooperation with Nankai University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, and established a partnership with Bemidji State University in Minnesota, USA and a large number of domestic sibling universities It has established a wide range of cooperative relations and reached cooperation intentions with the Northeast State University and the Lausanne Hotel Management School in Switzerland.

The college is committed to reform, pioneering and innovating, and actively fostering innovative education features. According to the development orientation of “practice, characteristics, and application”, adhere to the education and education of Yan’an spirit, adhere to the school philosophy of “quality school, characteristics to win”, adhere to the school-enterprise joint talent training model, High-quality application-oriented talents oriented to the front line of production, management and construction, with solid basic theoretical knowledge, strong practical skills, and high comprehensive quality. ”

In the new historical period, Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University strives to build into an independent independent college with standardized management, high quality, and first-rate in Shaanxi.


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