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Introduction to Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics

Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics (西安建筑科技大学华清学院, website) is an independent college with distinctive characteristics, mainly undergraduate economics and management, organized by Xi’an University of Finance and Economics and Shaanxi Wenxin Education Investment Company. The school is located in the ancient capital Xi’an Bailuyuan University Town. In December 2018, Xingzhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics was renamed Xingzhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics.

The school now has seven teaching units, including the Management Science Branch, the Accounting Branch, the Economics and Statistics Branch, the Humanities and Arts Branch, the General Education Department, the Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department, and the Physical Education Teaching Department. It offers accounting, financial management, and finance. 26 undergraduate majors, including business administration, statistics, network and new media, logistics management, radio and television, auditing, logistics engineering, data science and big data technology, have gradually developed into economics and management majors, Economics, management, literature, science, and art are mutually supportive and coordinated development-oriented universities.

Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics has two provincial “first-class professional” training programs in accounting and finance. Finance is a provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot project. It has built a provincial teaching team in finance, two provincial-level fine-quality resource sharing courses in finance and insurance, and an innovative experimental area for the training of talents applying finance and taxation.

The school actively builds a mutual support platform for teaching and scientific research. Through system construction, scientific research training, professional leader’s help belts, college-level scientific research and nursery projects, vertical and horizontal project application, and research and development of special teaching projects in the school, scientific research and construction activities have been cultivated. A large number of outstanding academic backbone teachers, the rate of project approval for high-level subjects has been increasing year by year.

Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics has established a variety of majors such as the Comprehensive Accounting Practice Teaching Center, the Comprehensive Economic Practice Teaching Center, the ERP Enterprise Management Sandbox Lab, the Video and Video Lab, and the Non-linear Editing Lab. There are 24 laboratories, as well as a micro-lecture recording and broadcasting room, and 67 off-campus internship (practice) bases, which are used to meet the needs of student internships and practical training, and practically improve students’ practical application ability.

In response to the national strategy of “Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, the school established the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education into the training system, vigorously strengthened the cultivation of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship through the platform of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and actively promoted the recognition of credits for innovation and entrepreneurship courses. “Double innovation” education runs through the entire process of talent training. The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship cooperated with Xi’an Tengpu Technology Co., Ltd. to achieve 100% high-quality employment for some students co-trained by UFIDA, Kingdee, Brocade, Inspur and other enterprises. At the same time, the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship actively established schools and enterprises with hundreds of enterprises. Cooperation relations, holding various lectures on innovation and entrepreneurship, and carrying out various forms of innovation and entrepreneurship training activities, students’ practical ability, innovation ability and comprehensive quality have been effectively trained and cultivated. “Xi’an College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics-‘Internet +’ Applied Talents Practical Education Base” was identified by the Provincial Department of Education as the 2018 Shaanxi Provincial College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice Base Construction Project.

Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics has set up CPA experimental classes in cooperation with the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Certified Public Accountants to train high-quality accounting professionals closely connected with market demand; cooperate with open source securities, Xi’an Statistics Bureau and other units Actively explore new modes of talent training through school-enterprise cooperation and school-government cooperation.

Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics actively strengthens cooperation and exchanges with foreign high-level universities, launches joint training of dual-degree undergraduate programs, and expands students’ international vision and competitiveness. At present, the foreign universities that cooperate with our school include Christian University of Berlin, USA, Plymouth State University, University of Canberra, Australia, Boren University of Thailand, Saint Vincent University of Canada, and University of Sunderland. In September 2018, the international class of Accounting (Provincial “First-Class Professional” Cultivation Project) started to provide a training platform for cultivating outstanding international accounting talents.

Xing Zhi College of Xi’an University of Finance and Economics will continue to improve the quality of talent training, and strive to build the school into a distinctive application-oriented finance and economics university.


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