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Introduction to Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University

Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University (信阳农林学院, website) is a public full-time undergraduate school located in the historic and cultural city of Xinyang. Xinyang is located in the southern part of Henan Province, adjacent to Anhui in the east and Hubei in the south. Chufeng and Yuyun meet and blend together. It is known as “Northern Jiangnan, Jiangnan Beiguo”, and is China’s famous livable city, tourism city, and entrepreneurial city , Its superior geographical location, beautiful natural environment, deep cultural heritage and active local construction provide excellent conditions for students to study and study.

Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University was formerly known as Xinyang Agricultural College, and its history dates back to Runing Fu Industrial College, which was established in 1910. For more than 100 years, the school has carried forward the spirit of “hard work, hard work, solidarity, and the pursuit of excellence”, adhering to the school motto of “aspirations, lofty goals, and sophisticated learning”. The application-oriented colleges and universities, such as management, literature, science, art, and other disciplines, which are compatible with regional economic and social development, have trained more than 100,000 talents for the society and made important contributions to the economic and social development of Henan.

The university campus covers an area of more than 1,430 acres, and the school building covers an area of more than 445,000 square meters. There are more than 16,900 students, more than 960 faculty members, including more than 800 full-time teachers, more than 240 teachers with senior professional and technical titles, and more than 670 doctoral and master-level teachers. There are 1 national teaching teacher, 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 national top 10 dual-creation typical instructor, 1 national technical expert, 2 members of the Higher Education Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee of the Ministry of Education, 2 Henan famous teaching teachers, and Henan Province 1 model teacher, more than 40 high-level talents such as provincial management experts, academic technology leaders, provincial backbone teachers, 2 provincial excellent teaching teams, 2 provincial innovative technology teams, 5 provincial excellent grass-roots teaching organizations .

Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University has agricultural colleges, forestry colleges, aquaculture colleges, tea colleges, colleges of animal husbandry and engineering, food colleges, horticultural colleges, colleges of planning and design, colleges of information engineering, colleges of business administration, colleges of finance and economics, colleges of foreign languages, and biology There are 19 teaching units with the School of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the School of Tourism Management, the School of Marxism, the Academy of Literature and Art, the School of Physical Education, the Ministry of International Exchange and Cooperation, and the School of Continuing Education, which are equipped with plant protection, seed science and engineering, agronomy, and facility agricultural science And engineering, forestry, gardening, aquaculture, aquarium science and technology, tea science, animal medicine, animal science, food science and engineering, food quality and safety, horticulture, urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, environmental design, network engineering, digital Media technology, logistics management, IoT engineering, e-commerce, marketing, financial management, auditing, business English, translation, pharmaceutical engineering, hotel management, tourism management, accounting, visual communication design, exhibition economy and management, data science With big data technology, Drug development resources and a number of 35 undergraduate professional direction, and a plurality of animal husbandry and veterinary specialties 10, cooking technology and nutrition, mushroom production and processing, leisure sports, secretarial.

The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment in the university is more than 89 million yuan. There are 45 laboratories in agronomy, forestry, aquaculture, tea science, animal medicine, food science and engineering, and more than 200 stable internal and external practice training bases. 2 vocational education training bases, 4 provincial demonstration training bases, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 agricultural and forestry practice field. The library covers an area of 28,000 square meters and has a modern library management system. It has a collection of more than 1.2 million books, more than 1,000 academic journals, and 350,000 electronic books (types). Has a relatively complete computer network service system.

Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University has 1 provincial key discipline cultivation discipline, 15 provincial and above specialty majors, of which 2 are major projects supported by the central financial support for improving professional service capabilities, and 3 are pilot projects for comprehensive reform of higher education in Henan Province. (Undergraduate); there are 4 national-level quality courses, 7 Henan-level quality courses, 2 Henan-quality resources courses, 4 Henan-quality online open courses, 1 provincial-level virtual simulation experimental construction project, and provincial-level 1 undergraduate (plant protection) construction site. It has won 50 provincial teaching achievements, including 1 provincial teaching achievement special award, 7 first prizes and 17 second prizes.

The university led the formation of the Henan Province Tea Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Henan Reservoir Ecological Fishery Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Henan Food and Medicinal Fungus Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Henan Camellia Tea Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and was approved to establish Henan Academician workstation for green pest control in southern Henan, post-doctoral research and development base in Henan Province, 7 provincial engineering (technology) research centers, 20 municipal department engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial and 8 municipal key laboratories , 1 city-level star creation world. Facing the development of grain, forest fruits, aquatic products, tea, livestock, poultry, flowers, food processing, edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicine and other industries in Xinyang and surrounding areas, it has actively carried out applied research, technology development and achievement transformation. In recent years, it has undertaken provincial and ministerial level teaching and scientific research. More than 300 projects, more than 80 provincial and ministerial awards, more than 400 national patents. It has been approved to establish 1 national-level cultivation demonstration base, 5 provincial-level training bases, 1 provincial-level cultivation institution, 1 provincial-level science popularization demonstration base, and 6 provincial-level university-industry-research cooperation pilot projects. The city school has jointly established the Xinyang Marxism College, Xinyang Farmers University, and the school and the enterprise industry have jointly established the Xinyang Home Furnishing College, Logistics College, Tourism Planning and Design Research Institute and other cooperation platforms. It has united more than 10 government agencies and more than 100 enterprises to form productive platforms. The Academic-Research Cooperation Alliance actively promotes deepening cooperation in politics, industry, education, research, and research to support local economic and social development and poverty alleviation. In recent years, it has relied on the Henan Province Doctoral Service Team, science popularization and appropriate technology communication projects, provincial and municipal science and technology special agents, and provincial “three” The “Site” Talent Support Plan, a special plan for scientific and technological personnel, and the first secretary in the village serve as carriers to actively serve local economic and social development, help the Dabieshan Revolutionary Old Area to overcome poverty, and carry out more than 1,000 service activities every year.

Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University has won recognition from many parties, and has successively won “Provincial Civilized Schools”, “Provincial Civilized Units”, “Henan Provincial Garden Units”, “Henan Provincial Advanced Party Committees”, “Henan Provincial Advanced Units for Party Construction” Henan Province Advanced Unit for School Conduct Construction “” Henan Province Vocational Education Work Advanced Unit “” Henan Province Colleges and Universities Graduates Advanced Work Group “” Henan Province Science and Technology Special Staff Work Advanced Group “” Henan Province Agricultural Science and Technology Work Advanced Units, “Henan Most Employable Competitiveness Demonstration College”, “Henan Provincial Demonstration School by Law”, “Henan Provincial College Intellectual Property Comprehensive Capability Special Action Top Ten Universities”, “Henan Provincial University Science and Technology Management Advanced Collective” and other honorary titles, In 2015 and 2016, he won two silver prizes in the National Finals of the “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest in China.


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