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Introduction to Xuancheng Vocational and Technical College

Xuancheng Vocational and Technical College (宣城职业技术学院, website) was established in 2002 and is a public full-time college. The college is a state-level “conservation-oriented public institution demonstration unit”. The provincial key support construction colleges and universities, the provincial talent work advanced unit, seven consecutive provincial-level civilized units. It covers an area of 840 acres and a building area of 300,000 square meters.

Xuancheng Vocational and Technical College has a long history of running schools, profound cultural heritage, and a beautiful campus environment. The School of Information and Finance, the School of Education and Management, the School of Medical and Nursing, the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the Basic Teaching Department have 42 majors, 78 off-campus practice training bases, and 83 on-campus experimental training rooms. There are more than 9,000 full-time students and more than 8,000 TVU adult education students. It has a group of experts and scholars with high academic attainments, strong teaching and research capabilities, and has participated in exchanges and cooperation abroad. It currently has more than 500 faculty members and has developed into a multi-disciplinary higher vocational and technical college that has begun to take shape.

Xuancheng Vocational and Technical College deepens the reform of higher vocational education and teaching in the face of student reality, market, and qualifications, and actively explores the cultivation of “modern apprenticeship” talents that “set standards in the industry, co-cultivate schools and enterprises, and fully guarantee the government” Model to build a teaching system of “production-education integration, rational integration”. The college actively connects with local economic entities, deepens school grounds, school-enterprise, school-school cooperation through measures such as co-construction of training bases, cooperative training, and establishment of secondary colleges, and has successively worked with Shanghai Xiaozhuang Group, Cixing Group, Zhongding Group, Anhui Power source group, Sino-German Nuohao, German Dental Technology Association China Investment Corporation and other school-enterprise cooperation projects. Actively explore the employment market of graduates inside and outside the province. In 2019, the initial employment rate of graduates reached 93.5%, entering the first square of universities in Anhui province.

Xuancheng Vocational and Technical College’s TVU office is mainly engaged in distance open adult higher education, actively building a lifelong education model and approach, and a modern distance education teaching management network connected to the National Open University, providing diversity for members at all levels of society Education services. The Technical Education Department is mainly engaged in various vocational skills training and appraisal work, and provides a variety of education services for various students. Not only has it produced extensive social benefits, but it has also produced good economic benefits. “A win-win situation” has given full play to the positive role of local universities in local economic construction.

Inheriting the glorious history and striving for a better future, our academy will continue to study, propagate and implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Ninth National Congress of the Nineteenth National Congress, the Second, Third, and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the Nineteenth National Congress, and actively adapt to economic society With the new normal of the development of higher vocational education, actively integrate into the new journey of integration and high-quality development in the Yangtze River Delta, strive to create a local high-skilled university, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of the central city of the inter-regional intersection of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.


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