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Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College (徐州幼儿师范高等专科学校, website) is the first public preschool in Jiangsu province approved by the Ministry of Education. The school was formerly known as the Xuzhou Infant Normal School of Jiangsu Province, which was founded in 1984. In 2005, it was renamed the Xuzhou Infant Normal School by the provincial government. In 2011, the Xuzhou Infant Normal College was approved by the Ministry of Education.

The school is located in the Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It currently has two campuses, Dongshan and Biluo, covering an area of 427.8 acres and a building area of 172,000 square meters (the new campus of Pan’an Lake covering an area of 1,000 acres is under construction). The school has a beautiful environment, picturesque scenery, and various buildings built along the hills. It is an ecological, garden-style school with green trees and trees. The school has 21 majors including preschool education, early education, special education, English education, art education, music education, elderly care and management, and has formed four major professional groups featuring “young, special, old, and art”.

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College has won first prizes for several consecutive years in the province ’s teacher basic teaching contests. In the “Challenge Cup”, “Creating Youth”, “Internet + University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” and other activities, it has repeatedly won national special awards, First prize. The employment quality of graduates is high. The employment rate of graduates for the third consecutive year ranks first in the province’s vocational colleges. The counterpart employment rate remains above 92%. The pass rate of written examinations for preschool education majors who participated in the teacher qualification certificate examination for the first time was 98.66%, which is among the best in the province.

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College further promotes the reform of education and teaching, continuously deepens the construction of connotation, persists in making articles around the word “young”, is committed to the training of outstanding kindergarten teachers, and gives full play to the leading and radiating role of brand specialty. The preschool education major of the school is the brand specialty of Jiangsu Province, which has passed the secondary demonstration certification in 2017. The school has undertaken 1 reform project of the outstanding teacher training plan of the Ministry of Education, 4 projects of curriculum and teaching standard development, 2 national and provincial teaching achievement awards, and 46 provincial (ministry) level scientific research projects. The school is currently the deputy director unit of the Education Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education, the chairman unit of the Kindergarten Management Committee of the Jiangsu Preschool Education Society, and the chairman unit of the Preschool Education Committee of the Jiangsu Taoxingzhi Research Association.

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College adheres to the responsibility of serving the national society. In addition to delivering a large number of outstanding new teachers to the society, it has undertaken more than 100 national and provincial training programs, covering 32 provinces, cities (autonomous regions) and national training In the anonymous evaluation of the Ministry of Education over the years, the results are among the best. Entrusted by the Ministry of Education and the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, the school signed preschool education assistance agreements with Yunnan, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other regions, which has effectively promoted the development of local preschool education. The preschool education group founded by the school has developed rapidly. The park covers 5 districts and 2 counties in Xuzhou, and extends to the first-tier cities in the middle and east. It has become a well-known preschool brand in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, and even the whole country.

Xuzhou Kindergarten Teachers College adheres to the strategy of openness and integration, and develops foreign exchanges and cooperation. In recent years, the school has carried out a total of 13 national (foreign) cooperation projects, launched a “3 + 1.5” cooperation with Singapore Zhiyuan Education College, and exchanged students with South Korea’s Jeonbuk University of Science and Technology; exchanged with students from the United States, Britain, and Japan , South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and other countries have achieved cultural exchanges and visits.


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