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Yangzhou Polytechnic College (扬州市职业大学, website) is located in Yangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city with both ancient culture and modern civilization. It can be traced back to the late fresh school founded in 1906. Under the new situation of higher education development in China, it has successively cooperated with Yangzhou Radio and TV University and Yangzhou Education College. Seventeen schools including Yangzhou Environmental Resources Vocational and Technical College and one research institute are merged to run the school. It is the only full-time comprehensive vocational technical college in the city. The school currently has more than 16,000 full-time students, more than 11,000 adult amateur and open education students, and has 22 teaching units, 21 party, government, and group departments, and 5 teaching aid units. The school has always adhered to the school motto of “Building people with integrity, knowing and doing”, fully implementing the four strategies of “Leadership by the Party, Building Schools with Quality, Strengthening Schools with Talents, and Prospering Schools with Science and Technology,” and strive to promote “building people, management reform, and foundation “Secure, open and upgrade” four projects, committed to training high-quality high-skilled application-oriented talents.

The school environment is beautiful and the school conditions are perfect. It covers an area of more than 1,100 acres, with a building area of more than 450,000 square meters and a green coverage rate of 45%. It is known as a “park-style university”. There are 317 experimental training rooms with a total value of 210 million yuan. The library has 1.66 million paper books, 2.4 million electronic books (960,000 local mirrors), and more than 4,800 paper periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. The smart campus integrates teaching resource database system, distance education system, digital library system, OA office system, and campus life App platform.

Yangzhou Polytechnic College operates agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries, resources, environment and safety, energy power and materials, civil construction, equipment manufacturing, biology and chemical industry, light industrial textiles, food and medicine and food, transportation, electronic information, medicine, health, finance and commerce, Tourism, culture and arts, journalism, education and sports, public management and services in 17 categories, 68 majors.

Yangzhou Polytechnic College currently has 5 national key majors, 4 majors supported by the central government; 1 provincial brand major, 4 provincial high-level key majors, 6 provincial key majors, and 8 provincial specialty majors. , 3 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental bases; 2 national-level practical training bases, 5 provincial-level practical training bases, 2 provincial-level production-education integration training platforms, and 7 productive practical training bases; 1 online open course, 1 national excellent course, 12 provincial online open courses, 21 provincial excellent courses; published 353 textbooks and handouts, including 13 national planning teaching materials and 12 provincial excellent teaching materials Ministry of Education, 13 provincial key teaching materials; 3 first-class prizes and 8 second-class prizes of Jiangsu Province’s higher education teaching achievements; 238 practical and innovative training programs for college students in Jiangsu Province; Received 432 vocational skills competitions. In recent years, the average employment rate of school graduates has reached more than 99%.

Yangzhou Polytechnic College currently has more than 1,200 faculty members and nearly 1,000 full-time teachers, including 782 teachers with doctoral and master’s degrees, 72 senior professional and technical staff, and 425 deputy senior professional and technical staff. There are 1 national outstanding teacher, 25 provincial “333 Project” training targets, 1 provincial “Six Talents Peak” training target, 51 provincial “blue and blue project” training targets, and Jiangsu Province young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions1 15 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Yangzhou, 1 outstanding teaching team in Jiangsu Province, 1 outstanding teaching team in Jiangsu Province “Blue Project”, 1 scientific and technological innovation team in “Blue Project” in Jiangsu Province, professional More than 85% of the teachers of the basic and professional courses have the “double-skills” quality.

Yangzhou Polytechnic College adheres to the “open school”, and international exchanges are increasingly broad. It has established 10 Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and overseas undergraduate train programs with universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries. Actively respond to the national “One Belt, One Road” strategic call, establish cooperative relations with the education departments of ASEAN countries, Portuguese-speaking countries, African Union countries, Central and South Asian countries, set up international student projects, carry out technical skills training and academic education, and serve the local economy and society Provide talent services for development and cultivate local talents for overseas branches of Yangzhou enterprises. Each year, outstanding teachers and students are sent to overseas training and exchanges to implement high-quality development of international education cooperation.


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