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Introduction to Yongzhou Vocational Technical College

Yongzhou Vocational Technical College (永州职业技术学院, website) was filed in July 2000 with the approval of the Ministry of Education of Hunan Provincial People’s Government. It was formed by the merger of Lingling Health School and Lingling Agricultural School. In order to integrate the education resources of Yongzhou, with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government in June 2003, the former Lingling Commercial School, Lingling Normal School and Lingling Engineering School were incorporated into the system of three ordinary technical secondary schools.

Yongzhou Vocational Technical College now covers an area of 3,362 acres, with a construction area of 470,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is more than 1.1 billion yuan, of which 160 million yuan are in equipment and equipment and more than 900,000 books are in the library. There are 941 in-service faculty members, of whom 64 are senior professional titles and 254 are deputy senior professional titles; there are 316 doctoral and master’s degrees, and 82% of the full-time teachers are “double-teachers”. There are 35 higher vocational majors, which are open to 27 provinces and municipalities across the country, with 18,000 full-time students. There are 1 national teaching team, 3 provincial teaching teams, 2 national education reform pilot majors, 6 national key construction majors, 8 provincial quality majors and education reform pilot majors, and 2 provincial demonstrative characteristic majors. , 2 provincial specialty specialties, 1 provincial demonstrative characteristic professional group, 3 provincial first-class characteristic professional groups; 3 national vocational education training bases, 2 provincial production practice training bases, and provincial teacher training 2 certification bases. It has three in-house productive internship training bases, such as affiliated hospitals, ecological breeding farms, and smooth driving schools.

Since its establishment, Yongzhou Vocational Technical College has adhered to the school-orientation of “based on Yongzhou and serves the agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and is committed to training high-quality, high-skilled specialized application-oriented talents for local economic and social development. “Contributing to development” is a new way of running a school, which has formed distinctive characteristics of running a school and achieved remarkable results. The college has successively won the national advanced unit of vocational education, the outstanding college of national talents training level assessment, the first prize of national teaching achievements, the civilized university of Hunan province, the advanced unit of vocational education of Hunan province, the advanced unit of employment work of ordinary colleges in Hunan province, Hunan Provincial Excellent Unit for Employment in Colleges and Universities, Leadership Project in Hunan Province, Advanced Party Building Work in General Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province, Excellent Unit in Ideological and Political Work for College Students in Hunan Province, Advanced Unit in Mental Health Education for College Students in Hunan Province, First Vocational Education of Huang Yanpei in Hunan Province Major colleges, advanced units in Hunan Province ’s colleges and universities in the construction of party style and clean government, the national advanced collective management of academic qualifications, the advanced collective of greening in Hunan Province, the advanced collective of logistics in Hunan Province, and many other major honors. In October 2010, the college successfully passed the national level acceptance of the model colleges and was identified as a national model higher vocational college.


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