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Yunnan Business Career Academy (云南商务职业学院, website) is a full-time non-governmental institution of higher learning approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government in 2010 and put on record by the Ministry of Education. Yunnan Vocational College of Commerce is affiliated to Kunming Haiyuan Education Investment Group, and its subordinates include Haiyuan College of Kunming Medical University, Yunnan Vocational College of Commerce, and Kunming Health School. The school has formulated a practical mid-to-long-term development plan, implemented a system of dean responsibility under the leadership of the board of directors, established and improved a number of rules and regulations in accordance with the board charter and the school charter, strictly managed, and ran schools in accordance with the law.

The college is located in Songming Vocational Education Park, Kunming, Yunnan Province, covering an area of 698.2125 acres and a building area of over 300,000 square meters. The school currently has 4,588 students, more than 200 teachers, a reasonable teaching staff structure, strong scientific research capabilities, and strong teaching staff. As of this year, the school has a total of 27 full-time three-year college majors, 23 five-year college majors, 20 secondary school majors, and 18 adult education majors. In accordance with the development strategy of “two strong and one stronghold” in Yunnan Province, following the “unity, pragmatic, and innovative” school running philosophy, and in accordance with the training objectives of “knowledge majors, outstanding skills, and both morals and ethics”, gradually increase medical majors and Applied science and technology talents in Yunnan Province, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Yunnan Business Career Academy has teaching and living facilities such as teaching buildings, office buildings, teacher and student apartments, stadiums, art centers, training centers, student cafeterias (back, Chinese), and libraries. There are offices in the Office (Personnel), Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, Finance Office, Admissions Office, Logistics Security Office, Youth League Committee, and other departments. There are 4 departments: Accounting, Medical, Construction, and Economics. , 2 Departments of Public Course Teaching Department and 229 Occupation Appraisal Center.

Yunnan Business Career Academy focuses on higher vocational education, and develops higher and secondary vocational education together. Adult education and international cooperative education are simultaneously developed to develop undergraduate education in a timely manner. After years of school accumulation, the school has developed into a multidisciplinary and professional system of disciplines such as medicine, economics, management, construction engineering, and art design.

According to the development strategy of “two strong and one stronghold” in Yunnan Province, the school follows the “unity, pragmatic, and innovative” school running philosophy, and according to the training objectives of “knowledge majors, outstanding skills, and both morals and ethics”, it trains the provinces of Yunnan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East Regional applied technology talents.

In recent years, school teachers have published more than 20 academic papers, published 12 monographs and edited works, and undertaken 3 scientific research projects at all levels: Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, “Research on the Convergence of Computer Basic Teaching Contents in Higher Vocational Education”, “Enterprises “Enlightenment of the Second Entrepreneurship after IPO on the Effectiveness of Secondary Market Investment”; “Analysis of the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Course Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Information Age: Taking Yunnan Business Vocational College as an Example”.

Yunnan Vocational College of Commerce and Kai Tak College jointly announced the establishment of a cooperation base and the establishment of an “international class”. At the same time, the school also successfully introduced first-class international vocational education resources, focusing on recommending German Volkswagen special training programs and UTS Academic English courses at the University of Technology Sydney. Accelerate the integration of schools with international education standards, and open up new channels for students to move to the international stage.

Yunnan Business Career Academy reached a cooperation agreement with the 229th Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute of Yunnan Province, and jointly established the Yunnan Business Vocational College Examination Training Center within the Yunnan Business Vocational College. The Examination and Training Center of Yunnan Vocational College of Commerce conducts various vocational qualification examinations and trainings throughout the school, and vigorously develops vocational education in accordance with the school’s vocational education development plan. Cultivate more high-quality, high-skilled application-oriented talents for enterprises, and also provide more space for students’ internships, training and employment.

According to the requirements of “learning-practice-re-learning-re-practice”, the college’s teaching management promotes a flexible academic system, giving students the autonomy to choose majors, courses and learning methods, allowing them to complete their studies in stages, and allowing them to advance or extend their years of study. Improve education and teaching conditions, and speed up the construction of practical teaching bases and “double-teacher” teachers. Let students be exposed to new professional technology and new skills during their studies at school, let students learn with teachers in the “learning factory”, complete practical training (test) projects, and use vocational skills appraisal and vocational qualification certification to make teaching close to production, Close to technology, close to technology. In particular, school-enterprise cooperation is carried out, and the resources of enterprise production and management are used to cultivate students’ practical skills and professional qualities, so as to combine production practice, professional skills training, post-employment internships, professional learning, and graduation design.

In recent years, schools have made new breakthroughs in science and technology and social service capabilities. The school further strengthens the integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation, insists on going out and invites both, to open doors and open schools, strengthen the connection with the industry, and actively serve enterprises. According to the requirements of “learning-practice-re-learning-re-practice”, the school’s teaching management promotes a flexible academic system, giving students the autonomy to choose majors, courses and learning methods, allowing them to complete their studies in stages, and allowing them to advance or extend their studies.

Yunnan Business Career Academy’s new campus covers an area of 360 acres, with a total planned building area of 270,000 square meters. The first phase of the project has completed 170,000 square meters, and the second phase of the project is under construction with a total investment of 780 million yuan. There are administrative office buildings, teaching buildings, college student activity centers, student halls, international academic exchange centers, training centers, libraries, gymnasiums, student apartments, student cafeterias, teacher apartments, practice clinic buildings, logistics centers, football fields, basketball Stadium, sports fitness room, etc., are advancing the construction of supporting facilities and equipment for aviation, high-speed rail, and auto repair training.


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