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Introduction to Yunnan College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language

The Yunnan College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language (云南外事外语职业学院, website) is approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government. After review by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, it has been approved for record and incorporated into the national plan for uniform enrollment. The college is invested and constructed by the Henderson Group. The investor, Mr. Henderson Yang, is a Chinese of German origin. The college currently invests 420 million yuan and is the largest foreign investment project in education in our province. The college covers an area of 393.58 acres, with a current building area of 153,167 square meters and a planned building area of 262387.6 square meters. It has an independent library with a current collection of 481,800 books, including 100,000 e-books, and a comprehensive teaching building and training room. Multi-functional activity room, standardized track and field court and basketball court, there are faculty, foreign teachers and international student apartments, there are standard student dormitories, canteens, school medical room, modern network room, logistics support system is relatively complete, advanced equipment, for students’ Study and life provide security. The school motto of the college is “be careful, seek truth, innovation and transcendence”; the school spirit is “strength and hard work, pursue excellence”; the teaching style is “teaching to build people, be knowledgeable, and have an independent mind”; Debright learns, people as teachers. ” The goal is to train high-quality talents with “modern quality, international perspective”. The characteristic theme culture is “foreign affairs world, language world”.

Yunnan College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language is currently associated with Chiang Mai University, Thailand, Kanchanaburi Royal University, Thailand State universities, the Global London College, and other foreign universities have established cooperative relationships to implement joint training of talents, sharing of course resources, and joint construction of practical training bases. Currently, there are 9 overseas training bases that have reached a consensus with the college. Pre-school education, hotel management, Korean and Thai students offer internship (employment) positions. In 2016, our school established the “Chinese Language and Culture Center” at the Royal University of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. With the further implementation of the strategic positioning of Yunnan’s “radiation center” facing South and Southeast Asia and the launch of the national “Belt and Road” opening strategy, the school’s characteristics of Yunnan Vocational College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Languages will highlight its own personality and characteristics.

Yunnan College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language College now offers 32 majors in three-year colleges, 23 majors in five-year colleges, 10 majors in three-year colleges, 4 majors in one-year colleges, and 4 majors in adult education. . Involving nine major categories such as culture and education, financial management, construction, medicine and health, and enrolling students in 7 provinces and cities in China.

Yunnan College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language hires foreign teachers to teach in the school. Professional titles above associate high account for 13.5% of full-time teachers; 28.6% of full-time teachers hold postgraduate or higher education; and 42.43% of dual-qualified teachers. There are 6 school-level teaching teachers, 3 school-level teaching teams, and 1 provincial-level teacher visiting scholar. Strengthen the training of professional leaders and backbone teachers. Six professional leaders and 14 backbone teachers have been identified. A resource bank of 114 external teachers mainly from enterprises and universities has been established; the college focuses on the cultivation of students’ practical teaching and professional ability There have been 36 internal training bases and 42 external training bases.


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