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Yunnan Light and Textile Industry Vocational College


Introduction to Yunnan Light and Textile Industry Vocational College

Yunnan Light and Textile Industry Vocational College (云南轻纺职业学院, website) is a high-level vocational college approved by the Yunnan Provincial Government and approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Under the Education Department of Yunnan Province.

The college is located at No. 54 Ningbo Road, Anning Vocational Education Base, Kunming. It covers an area of ??399.81 acres and a building area of ??155083.60 square meters. There are more than 200 faculty members, including 65 teachers with a senior title or above, 56 lecturers, and a master’s degree or above. There are 39 teachers; the school has advanced and perfect teaching facilities and equipment, which can fully meet the internship (practice) needs of students in various majors.

The college mainly focuses on the level of full-time higher vocational education, with a three-year academic system; supplemented by a five-year consistent higher vocational education specialty; it integrates talent training, scientific research, and social services. Under the normal state of economic development in Yunnan, it insists on facing the industry and the grassroots level, adopts the mode of school-enterprise cooperation, and integration of production and education, and strives to create high-quality technical personnel in the production, management, and operation of the light textile industry.

The college adheres to the principle of coordinated development of scale, quality, structure, and efficiency, optimizes the structure and layout of majors, and strengthens specialty programs; it strives to build higher vocational colleges with advanced ideas, distinctive features, and high-quality western regions with international perspectives.


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