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Yunnan Normal University Business School (云南师范大学商学院, website) is a newly established undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located in the beautiful spring city of Kunming. , Shouldering the mission of cultivating mid-to-high-end management talents with leadership, striding forward in inheriting history and innovation.

Following the development of higher education in China, the university, with its pioneering and enterprising spirit, has worked hard for 18 years, and has become one of the independent colleges with a large scale, high level and comprehensive strength. From 2007 to 2015, he was ranked among the top ten in the “Independent College Rankings of China”. In 2016 and 2017, he jumped and maintained the second place in the National Independent College Rankings. He was ranked as China’s six-star independent college in 2018 and ranked among the top independent colleges in China. The only independent college in Yunnan Province to receive this award; in March 2015, the school successfully passed the evaluation of the teaching level, and was the first to pass the independent college bachelor’s degree authorized evaluation and independent college teaching work evaluation unit; in 2016, private education nationwide The National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School was selected as the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum Construction Award, Business Administration was awarded the provincial project of Yunnan University’s first-class disciplines (Type B plateau disciplines), and the “Construction Project of Yunnan Province’s Private Private Undergraduate Colleges” won the provincial award. The project was approved by the Education Department and was awarded as “advanced unit for routine teaching management” by the Provincial Department of Education; 300 provincial-level scientific research projects and first-class undergraduate talent training plan projects were established, ranking the forefront of similar universities in Yunnan Province. In 2017, it became one of the first six construction units of “application-oriented talent training demonstration schools” in Yunnan Province. In May 2018, it was awarded the “Yunnan Football Academy” by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, becoming the first independent college in Yunnan to receive this award. After years of development, the school has formed an employment and entrepreneurship work system that integrates education, management, guidance and service, and has won the first prize of the Yunnan University Graduates’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Target Responsibility Assessment for ten consecutive years. In the past three years, the average employment rate of graduates has reached more than 98%, and the year-end employment rate reached 98.06% in 2017. Among them, the employment rate of the first graduates of product design and digital media technology majors reached 100%.

Yunnan Normal University Business School implements two campuses. It currently has more than 18,000 students. The campus covers an area of more than 900 acres, with a building area of 467,000 square meters. %, The proportion of teachers with a title of associate high school or above accounted for 32%, ranking the forefront of independent colleges in the province. For more than ten years, the school has never forgotten to be the best undergraduate university, the most caring university, and provides a friendly and democratic environment for students. Parents and students can talk directly with school teachers and leaders to pay attention to the growth of students and further improve the quality and level of school running. Taking the full implementation of the credit system for student status management as a breakthrough point, the reform of the “new three centers” teaching concept centered on “students, learning and learning effects” is promoted. Set up the “office hours” of the instructors to help students answer questions. The school has 7 second-level colleges and 45 professional undergraduates with more than 60 professional directions, forming a discipline and professional system with “economics and management as the main body, art and education as the two wings, and multidisciplinary coordinated development”. The school has 4 professional groups, 1 provincial key training discipline, 5 provincial specialties, 2 Yunnan province universities and colleges to enhance professional service industry capacity building projects, and 1 provincial “excellent management talent training plan”. The Ministry of Education has 13 “industry-academia cooperation, collaborative education” projects. Implement a “3 + 1 * N” model to design a talent training plan and individualized training to meet student development needs and market changes. Equipped with professional project tutors to provide a full range of services such as language teaching, master’s application, study visa, inter-university docking, etc., to help students complete their education upgrades, and meet the individual needs of students’ high-level learning. In 2017, students of law majors performed outstandingly for the first time in the judicial examination. A total of 176 people took the examination, of which 74 were qualified, with a passing rate of 42.1%, which was 22.8 percentage points higher than the average passing rate of the judicial examination in Kunming.

Yunnan Normal University Business School has formed the characteristics of “strict, free, democratic, and lively” student work. Counselors eat and live with students, study, live, and grow together, and accelerate the professionalism, professionalism, and expertise of counselors. Construction. The school has established 48 student societies and college student art troupes. The colorful student activities and outstanding achievements have become a beautiful scenery for the school. It has been awarded the title of the “Five Fourth” Red Banner Youth League Committee for several times in a row, and has been rated as “advanced collective of moral education” by the Education Department of Yunnan Province. Focusing on cultivating students’ creative thinking has effectively improved their creative and practical ability. In recent years, school students have participated in the National Campus Good Voice Contest, the “Internet +” National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National College Student English Contest, the National College Student Sand Table Simulation Operation Contest, Drone Aerial Photography Contest, and Chinese WeChat Business It has won many awards in national and provincial competitions.

Yunnan Normal University Business School has established overseas internships, overseas experience studies, exchange students, dual degrees, micro-study abroad, overseas advanced orientation training, etc. with 32 universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries. Cooperation projects to further advance the process of internationalized school running. At present, more than 1,000 foreign students are admitted to the school for language and cultural learning and exchanges, and more than 3,000 teachers and students are sent abroad for further studies, employment and internship exchanges. Taking classroom projects as the school’s characteristic of running a school, that is, the technical path of internationalization of higher education, leads the school’s professional construction and student employment. In 2017, the North American Star Art Troupe of Canada conducted in-depth exchanges in culture, art and other aspects with teachers and students of our school. Dr. Eric Muskin, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, also came to the school to give an academic lecture and was hired as me. The university is an honorary professor and officially became an international tutor of our students. Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark welcomed the teachers and students of the school and cared about the growth and success of the students. In May 2018, His Excellency George Papandreou, the former Prime Minister of Greece and Vice Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Northern International University Alliance, visited the World Youth Leadership Forum of the Business School of Yunnan Normal University to talk with teachers and students on “the Belt and Road Initiative and the future of the world”.

Yunnan Normal University Business School has held a ten-year non-profit training of key foreign language teaching skills for key English teachers in Yunnan province, an English summer camp for elementary and middle school students and an English summer camp for Chinese and American college students. The opening ceremony of the first national checkers junior instructor training class in Yunnan Province; hosted the 5th Yunnan University Art Exhibition Activities-“College Students (Painting, Calligraphy, Seal Engraving) Works, Exhibitions of Calligraphy and Painting of University Presidents”, Kunming High-tech Zone The vocational skills training of the staff and workers of the Federation of Trade Unions of Yunnan Province and the training of key English teachers in technical colleges and universities in Yunnan province have received strong feedback from the host and the teachers.


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