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Introduction to Yunnan Sanxin Vocational and Technical College

Yunnan Sanxin Vocational and Technical College (云南三鑫职业技术学院, website) is a full-time private higher vocational college approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and approved by the Ministry of Education. The college was invested and established by Yunnan Sanxin Group Co., Ltd. It was approved in February 2009, and the school was officially enrolled in September of the same year. Since its establishment, with the attention, care and support of provincial and state party committee governments, education administration departments and all sectors of society, the college has continued to overcome difficulties such as lack of educational resources and difficulty in running schools in border ethnic minority poverty-stricken areas, adhere to the Party’s education policy, and uphold The schooling philosophy of “seeking positiveness and transcendence” is based on the tenet of “giving parental love to students and returning to society by virtue of ethics and skills”, insisting on the combination of rationality and practicality, integration of production and education, and continuously improving the quality of talent training. Over the past few years, the college has continuously strengthened the construction, improved the conditions for running schools, strengthened the construction of connotations, expanded the scale of running schools, improved the quality of running schools, improved the efficiency of running schools, and effectively promoted the rapid and healthy development of the college. For six consecutive years, the colleges have successfully passed the annual inspections of the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. In 2014, the college accepted the school evaluation of higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province and was rated as “qualified”. As of the end of 2015, there were 8,463 students in the school, including 1989 three-year students and 6,474 five-year students.

The college is located in the Vocational Education Park of Wenshan Prefecture, with a planned area of 1,725 acres, an actual actual building area of 87,444 square meters, 45,203 square meters of teaching and scientific research administrative space, and 6,592 square meters of teaching practice training rooms. The value of teaching instruments and equipment reaches 5.141 million yuan. There are 332 teaching computers, a collection of 49,400 paper books, 22 on-campus training laboratories, and 30 off-campus internship training bases. Various education and teaching activities and living facilities have been gradually improved.

Yunnan Sanxin Vocational and Technical College implements the Dean Responsibility System under the leadership of the Board of Directors, a sound organization and a sound charter system. The chairman of the college is Mr. Jin Chaoshui, chairman of the board of directors of Yunnan Sanxin Group Co., Ltd., and the party organization is well-established. The school has party and government office, organization department, propaganda department, personnel department, educational affairs department, student department, logistics department, security department, college youth committee and other functional departments, including medical department, automobile department, construction engineering department, business administration department, etc. There are four teaching departments, two basic teaching departments, including the basic department and the ideological and political department.

Yunnan Sanxin Vocational and Technical College has a full-time and part-time faculty that is moderate in size, reasonable in structure, and able to meet the needs of education and teaching. It has a total of 125 faculty members, including 26 teachers with senior titles, and the proportion of “double-teacher” teachers It is also improving year by year. The structure of the college’s teaching specialty is reasonable. Of the 27 admissions programs, it is mainly oriented to modern service science and technology, medical nursing majors. Nursing, automobile inspection and maintenance, construction engineering, and electricity supply have gradually become the college’s Main specialty. In the past six years, the college has delivered more than 1,100 graduates for social training, and the annual employment rate of graduates has been above 90%.


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