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Introduction to Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College

Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College (云南城市建设职业学院, website) is a full-time general institution of higher learning with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education.

The college has abundant domestic and foreign high-quality education resources. It is characterized by direct post-graduate, post-graduate direct, quality study tours, and comprehensive empowerment. It provides convenient channels for students who want to improve their education, so that students can easily achieve the promotion of foreign masters and domestic ones. aims. The talent training mechanism of “industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation” builds a personalized resource sharing platform for students who want to find employment and start a business.

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The college is located in Yanglin Vocational Education Park, Kunming, the capital city of colorful Yunnan, with nearly 12,000 students. It has 46 construction engineering technologies, building interior design, engineering cost, accounting, preschool education, nursing, urban rail transit engineering technology profession.

Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College established an international advisory board, with Nobel Laureate in Economics as Eric Muskin as honorary director, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, and President of the Royal Canadian University Allen Kahong and other international leaders in the political and business academia and international academic committees serve as international advisory committee members, and serve as honorary tutors for direct international classes. They regularly conduct academic reports to help students progress to higher education. The school attaches great importance to the comprehensive development of students’ morality, physical education, beauty, and labor, and hires leading figures from all walks of life to serve as school moral education tutors, such as the national May 1 labor medal winner Wang Jiansheng.

In the context of higher education internationalization, in order to train higher-level talents and meet the individual needs of students’ high-level learning, the school relies on the international cooperation resources of the Northern International University Alliance. Nearly 200 schools in many countries have established cooperative relations such as inter-school exchange visits, teacher-student exchanges, and overseas studies. Students on campus can seamlessly connect with the world-renowned universities such as University of Glasgow, University of Sheffield, University of Durham, and University of Adelaide in Australia through the “3 + 1” and “3 + 2” direct international courses. There is no need to go through the undergraduate level for the postgraduate and postgraduate courses. After completing the three-year tertiary course in China, students can take a one-year pre-master’s or bridge course (some schools can integrate the overseas one-year preparatory course into the three-year college course). After entering a one-year overseas master’s program, you can complete your master’s degree within 4 or 5 years. After returning to your country, you can get a diploma from the Overseas Study Service Center. During the three-year tertiary education in China, through the use of small class teaching, systematic study of IELTS courses and overseas university prep courses, taking advantage of excellent teacher lineups, full-time mentor services, and highlighting international activities, public welfare activities, and subject competitions, tailor-made Customized personalized training programs, comprehensively improve students’ English application ability, professional theoretical knowledge and comprehensive quality level, and lay a solid foundation for smooth entry into famous overseas schools.

Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College cooperates with Victoria University of Canada, Royal Roads University, University of California, Irvine, and Swansea University in the United Kingdom to launch the “Canada Youth Leadership Training Camp”, “Canada (Semester) One Semester Program (OSP)”, “United States Medium and short-term high-quality international student study activities such as Jingying Project, British University Hall, French Art Salon, Australian Pilot Action, and Austrian Cultural Experience Camp. There are now more than 100 students studying in Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries. By studying abroad, they can establish an international education background, become academic partners with stars, experience an immersive English teaching environment, and participate in the United Nations Population Fund’s “Belt and Road” initiative. “Youth leadership training courses, face-to-face communication with international mentors, experiencing innovative classrooms from world-famous schools, experiencing fashion art, developing multicultural learning models, training innovative and applied talents, personally experiencing foreign higher education methods, campus life and academic atmosphere, and being good at teaching Gain global new knowledge and become a high-level talent with a global vision and humanistic literacy.

Since 2016, Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College has established a “junior college to foster overpass” with the Business School of Yunnan Normal University and the Mandarin College of Yunnan Arts College. Students can share teaching environment, high-quality teachers, teaching resources, and learn some of the undergraduate courses in advance. In order to improve the passing rate of the college entrance examinations, the school hires high-quality teachers to conduct pre-examination training, and provides training courses for college entrance examinations to help students improve their education. In 2019, more than 700 students successfully passed the entrance examination and obtained undergraduate degrees, with an admission rate of 92%.

The college has signed school-enterprise cooperation school running agreements with nearly a thousand well-known enterprises such as China Construction Fourth Bureau Group, China Petroleum, Sinopec, Yuntianhua Group, and Yunnan Jiantou. It provides strong guarantees for students’ employment, entrepreneurship, and internships. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 98% for a long time. It has been awarded the second prize of employment and entrepreneurship by the Provincial Education Department for five consecutive years, and the outstanding employment award of grassroots college graduates in Yunnan Province.

The college attaches great importance to the students ‘various value-added empowerment services, and through the promotion of competition through competition, continuously improve the students’ skills. The first place in the Provincial College Student Football League. In 2019, the school football team won the first place in the Yunnan Provincial College Football League.

Yunnan Urban Construction Vocational College focuses on serving students, focuses on the development of students, continuously enhances the school’s school strength and professional advantages, and promotes the steady development of various tasks. Won the title of Yunnan Provincial Civilized School in 2012; became the only private vocational college that received the qualification assessment of ideological and political courses in Yunnan province in 2013; became a “model school for socialist core values education” in Yunnan province in 2017, and “modern apprenticeship in Yunnan province” “Pilot school”; in 2018, it was named a national “modern apprenticeship” pilot school, a model unit for the cultivation and creation of model party branches in national universities; and in 2019, it will become a pilot unit for comprehensive reform of “three comprehensive education” in Yunnan Province. On the basis of serving the students of the school, the school jointly established the Rural Rejuvenation College with the Friendship Committee of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University and the Chinese Vocational Education Association to introduce various resources and high-quality training to provide a series of rural talents and basic education in Yunnan service.


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