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Introduction to Yuxi Normal University

Yuxi Normal University (玉溪师范学院, website) is located in Yuxi, the famous “Top Ten Leisure and Livable Ecological City in China” in central Yunnan. It is the nearest local university in Yunnan Province to the capital city. Adhering to the spirit of the school motto of “Truthfulness, Perfection, Beauty and Application”, the school is rooted in Yuxi, a teacher of love department, a tree-building person, reform and innovation, and has cultivated nearly 60,000 people in Yuxi and surrounding areas to meet local basic education and economic and social development needs. Qualified personnel. The school has successively won honorary titles such as “National Civilized Unit”, “National Advanced Unit for School Art Education”, “National Advanced Unit for Aesthetic Education Work”, “Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment and Entrepreneurship in Yunnan Province”, etc., and has been employed for 12 years in a row. The first prize of target responsibility assessment.

Yuxi Normal University is a provincial full-time undergraduate college. In 1978, the Yuxi Teachers College was established with the approval of Yunnan Province. In 1983, the Yuxi Teachers College was approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government. Approved by the former National Education Commission in 1992, it was renamed Yuxi Teachers College, and was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2000. Yuxi was established on the basis of the merger of Yuxi Teachers College, Yuxi Teachers School, and Yuxi Adult Education Training Center (education resources). Normal university. In 2007, the school passed the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education, and passed the undergraduate teaching review evaluation of the Ministry of Education in 2017. In 2019, it will become a model university for the cultivation of applied undergraduate talents in Yunnan Province.


After years of construction and development, the university has 1 provincial class B university first-class discipline (art science), 3 provincial key disciplines (environmental chemistry, human geography, environmental science and engineering). Three disciplines (art science, physical education, chemistry) have initially formed a trend of discipline construction leading professional development.

Yuxi Normal University has established 4 experimental teaching demonstration centers in Yunnan Province, of which the “Mekong Subregion Ethnic and Folk Art Transfer Experimental Center” was awarded the title of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Protection Work Station” by the Chinese Academy of Art and Anthropology. There are 4 provincial key construction laboratories, 3 Yuxi key laboratories, and 1 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental area. Established the Mekong Subregion Ethnic and Folk Culture Museum, Institute of Endangered Languages, Institute of Paleontology, Institute of Ethnic Culture and Social Development, Yuxi City Economic and Social Development Research Center, Yuxi Plateau Lake Ecological Environment Research Center, Pollution Control and Ecological Restoration Research University, Central Yunnan Analysis and Testing Center and other scientific research units.

Yuxi Normal University covers an area of ??1041 acres. The total assets of teaching and scientific research equipment are 142.63 million yuan. The library has 1.0493 million books in paper collections, 310 types of paper periodicals and 30 professional databases. Among them, there are 870,800 electronic books. More than 14,000 electronic journals. The school currently has 14 secondary colleges, 8 research institutions, and 4 teaching aids. The number of full-time students is 13,592. The school currently has 779 faculty members. Among full-time teachers, 40% have titles of associate senior or higher, 14% have doctoral degrees, and 74% have master’s degrees and education. 5 provincial-level teaching teachers, 2 young talents in the Yunnan 1000 Talents Plan, 2 Yunnan 10,000 Talents Plan Cultural Masters, 2 Yunnan Ten Thousand Talents Plan teaching masters, 2 Yunnan young and middle-aged academic and technical leaders, Yunnan The provincial young and middle-aged academic and technical leaders have 4 reserve talents. The school has 5 provincial teaching teams, 16 city-level academic leaders, 1 Xingyu cultural master, and 1 Xingyu teaching master.

Yuxi Normal University currently has 56 majors. Among them, fine arts is a national specialty, and Thai, geography, biological sciences, and art design are specialty construction of universities in Yunnan province. The school has 5 provincial-level teaching teams, 9 provincial-level excellent courses, 1 provincial-level bilingual teaching demonstration course, 1 provincial-level applied legal talent training model innovation experimental area, and provincial-level experimental practice training bases and technology. There are 2 innovation service centers and 4 provincial-level teachers’ studios.

Yuxi Normal University was awarded the “Yunnan University’s Center for Practice, Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, “Yunnan Ordinary University Armed Ministry Standardized Construction Pilot University”, and successively won the “National Advanced Unit for Social Practice in Summer”, the “National Free Blood Donation Promotion Award”, and “Tenth The “China Youth Volunteer Outstanding Organization Award” and “National College Student Volunteer Service Western Project Excellent Project Office” and other honorary titles. Students in the mathematical modeling contest for college students, the “Challenging Cup” college students ‘extracurricular academic scientific and technological works competition, the “Creation Youth” undergraduate entrepreneurship competition, China’s “Internet +” college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, college student art performances, college students’ professional skills competition, In the keynote speeches of “Love My National Defense” college students, they won 64 national awards.

In recent years, the university has undertaken 671 domestic and foreign scientific research projects, including 17 projects of the National Social Science Fund, 18 projects of the National Natural Science Fund, 4 projects of the National Art Fund, and 1 project of international cooperation. There are 131 provincial and ministerial projects, 327 prefecture-level projects, and 173 horizontal projects.

Yuxi Normal University has two public publications: “Journal of Yuxi Normal University” and “Journal of Yuxi Normal University”. In recent years, the school has jointly established “Yuxi Internet University” with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Yuxi National High-tech Development Zone, co-founded “Yuxi Cultural and Creative College” with Yuxi Tourism Development Commission, and co-founded “Maker College” with Xinhuanet. In cooperation with Yuxi Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the “Yuxi Discipline Inspection and Supervision Institute” was jointly established, and Shanghai Conservatory of Music and our school jointly established the “Nie’er Art Research Center”.

The University combines scientific research and cultural heritage with the advantages of regional resources. Utilizing the advantages of the central region of multi-ethnic integration and the hometown of Nie’er, relying on the “Mekong Subregion Ethnic and Folk Arts Training and Experimental Center” and the disciplines of fine arts, sports, music, etc., to effectively carry out the excavation, collection, Sorting out and upgrading, forming the scientific research superiority gathering and innovative development, constructing a distinctive national and folk culture curriculum system, cultivating a group of applied arts and sports talents with innovative spirit and innovative ability, and forming distinctive school running characteristics. Taking advantage of being located in the core area of ??the origin and evolution of the animal kingdom in the world, the paleontological system and paleoecology research is carried out based on the Cambrian biofossil land of Maotian Mountain in Chengjiang.

Yuxi Normal University focuses on the national “Belt and Road” strategic planning, actively integrates and serves the major strategies of the country and Yunnan, and actively promotes international school running. Establish long-term stable cooperation and exchange relations with universities in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, etc., expand with universities in the United States, Australia, Canada, Bulgaria, Singapore, South Korea and other countries, carry out various forms of joint schooling, and exchange teachers and students for academic culture. communicate with. The school has 30 foreign internship bases and 4 foreign Chinese language and cultural centers. It is the first batch of Chinese language education bases in Yunnan Province and the National Hanban Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test site.


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