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Zaozhuang University (枣庄学院, website) is a public full-time undergraduate university in Shandong Province. The school was formerly the Zaozhuang Teachers’ Training School established in 1971. It was established in 1984 by the People’s Government of Shandong Province as a Zaozhuang Teachers Technical College. In May 2004, it was upgraded to Zaozhuang College with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Zaozhuang University covers an area of 1142 acres, and the campus building covers an area of 420,000 square meters (the new city campus under construction covers an area of 1885 acres, with a planned total construction area of 790,000 square meters). The total value of fixed assets is 995 million yuan, 20 experimental teaching centers, and 207 million yuan of teaching and scientific research equipment. The library has 1,418,600 books, 1,951,700 e-books, and 90,200 e-journals. The university enrolls students in 25 provinces across the country, with 18,338 full-time college students.

Zaozhuang University has 1,338 faculty members, 969 full-time teachers, 324 professors and associate professors, and 244 doctors. Zaozhuang University has 21 teaching colleges (departments) and 60 general undergraduate majors. It has established a cross-fusion of 10 university subjects including literature, science, engineering, management, education, history, economics, law, art, and agriculture. , A mutually supportive and coordinated development of an application-oriented professional system. Among them, there are 8 provincial specialties, 3 provincial excellent teaching teams, 4 provincial key disciplines, 23 provincial excellent courses, 1 national undergraduate specialty comprehensive reform pilot specialty approved, and Shandong Province high-level application type There are 4 major constructions (groups) and 9 top-ranked majors in Shandong Province.

Zaozhuang University has deepened education and teaching reform centering on student development, and the quality of talent training has continued to improve. In recent years, he has won one second prize of national teaching achievement award, four first prizes of provincial teaching achievement award, and five second prizes. In the past three years, 1594 graduates were admitted to master’s degree programs, of which 421 graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 985 and 211 institutions. In the past three years, the year-end employment rates of graduates were 93.4%, 95.3%, and 97.7%. The quality of graduates has been well-received by employers and all sectors of society.

Zaozhuang University aims to be a “well-known high-level application-oriented university” in China. “ZTE ICT Production and Education Integration Innovation Base”, Ministry of Education, “Data China 100 Schools Project”, “Phoenix Education University Digital Media Production and Education Integration Innovation Application Demonstration Base” (approved the twelfth batch of social science popularization education bases in Shandong Province in 2019) Seven Sino-US Applied Technology Education Double Hundred Plans, “Internet + Made in China 2025”, “Scientific Work Capability Enhancement Program”, and “AI + Smart Learning” jointly build 7 artificial intelligence colleges and other industrial-education integration promotion projects all settled in schools.

Zaozhuang University is a master’s degree-granting construction unit in Shandong Province and the first batch of graduate training bases in Shandong Province. It jointly trains doctoral students with the Institute of Laser and Optoelectronics of Tianjin University, and jointly trains masters with Qufu Normal University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Liaocheng University Postgraduate. The school undertakes more than 300 national, provincial and ministerial-level high-level scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Fund, and more than 700 scientific research projects commissioned by enterprises and institutions. It has published more than 5,000 academic papers, of which 800 are included in SCI, EI, and CSSCI. He has published more than 170 monographs and textbooks, obtained more than 110 national patents, won 15 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, and more than 400 prefecture-level awards. The school serves major projects for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province, and has established more than 100 cooperation institutions with Zaozhuang City and local enterprises.

Zaozhuang University has established intercollegiate cooperation with 52 universities from 14 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Taiwan, and has carried out mutual recognition of credits, student exchange, and education for foreign students. The school cooperates with the South African Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Center and the South African Ministry of Higher Education to launch the “internship + practical training” international student training program. Thirty-four Bangladeshi students studying mechanical design, manufacturing and automation are studying for four years at the university. The school and the All-China Esperanto Association have jointly built the world’s largest exhibition area and the only Esperanto museum in Asia. In 2019, it was approved as an excellent social science popularization base in Shandong Province.


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