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Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (张家界航空工业职业技术学院, website) is a full-time general college established in August 2001 with the approval of the People’s Government of Hunan Province. Established in 1979, the college is affiliated to the former Ministry of Aviation Industry, Ministry of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aviation Industry Corporation, Hunan Provincial Bureau of Defense Technology and Industry, and now belongs to Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. The college is a model vocational college in Hunan Province, a national graduate employment typical experience college, a national vocational college for the backbone of the machinery industry, a People’s Liberation Army targeted training non-commissioned college, a civilized college in Hunan province, a Hunan employment and entrepreneurship demonstration school and Hunan Ping An University.

Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is located in Zhangjiajie, a world-famous tourist resort with beautiful scenery. It covers an area of 762 acres. It has a beautiful campus environment, complete facilities, and is suitable for both movement and movement. There are currently more than 10,000 students. The college has a total of 33 specialties in five major specialty groups: aviation manufacturing, aviation maintenance, aviation electrical, aviation service, and tourism management. Among them, aeronautical manufacturing is a provincial first-class specialty group; CNC technology is a provincial boutique specialty and a provincial specialty; tourism management is a provincial specialty and a provincial middle and high-ranking pilot program; mold design and manufacturing and CNC technology are majors Cultivate specialties for talents in the machinery industry across the country. At the same time, the majors of aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, aero engine installation and testing technology, aircraft manufacturing technology, aircraft electronic equipment maintenance, and electrical automation technology are designated by the People’s Liberation Army to train non-commissioned officers.

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The Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering has hired more than 100 experts and senior technical staff as part-time teachers from aviation enterprises and institutions and social related professional institutions. At present, there are 320 full-time teachers, 132 part-time teachers, 109 full-time teachers above the associate high school, 9 provincial professional leaders and young backbone teachers, and 3 college-level master studios and 2 innovation studios. The college has won many honors including “National Excellent Teacher”, “Hunan Provincial Technical Expert” and Hunan Youth May Fourth Medal. The college has edited (reviewed) and participated in the compilation of more than 200 kinds of teaching materials published nationwide, presided over a number of national, provincial (ministerial) scientific research topics, and had more than 200 national patents.

Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering has 1 mechanical training center, 75 on-campus experimental training rooms, 1 national vocational skill appraisal institute, and the total value of teaching equipment reaches 120 million yuan; 196 off-campus internship training bases, in-depth cooperation 218 companies. The college is the lead unit of Hunan National Defense Technology Industry Vocational Education Group. It has a national staff vocational skills training base, AVIC high-skilled personnel training base, national defense technology industry vocational education training base, and a provincial NC professional school-enterprise cooperative productive practical training base. Provincial tourism management professional school-enterprise cooperative productive internship training base and provincial teacher training base.

The Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering officially launched the People’s Liberation Army’s orientation training non-commissioned officer class in 2014, and the number of non-commissioned officers and students at school continued to expand. The college has signed directional training non-commissioned officer agreements with the Air Force Engineering University Non-commissioned College and Naval Aviation University Qingdao Campus. At the beginning of 2017, the non-commissioned officers of the Academy ranked first in the nationwide military physical skill assessment organized by the Air Force First Aviation Academy. Relying on industry, docking industry, and backing up enterprises to run majors, the college actively explores the modern apprenticeship training model. It cooperates with China Hangfa South Industries Co., Ltd., Xi’an Aero Engine Group Corporation, Shanghai Jinjiang International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chunqiu Travel Agency and its aviation industry. The company, Shenzhen Kangtu Aviation Service Co., Ltd., Hunan Houji Education Technology Co., Ltd., etc., opened “South Class” and “Xifa Class”, etc., which opened a wide channel and provided convenient conditions for students to grow up.

Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering attaches great importance to graduate employment and entrepreneurship. The college maintains close cooperative relations with Chinese military industrial enterprises and institutions and large coastal Chinese-foreign joint ventures. It has established a broad and stable employment network for graduates. The employment prospects of students are broad and are continuously praised by employers. Many graduates have become technical experts and Management backbone. Over the years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, ranking among the top in similar institutions. In addition, in accordance with relevant policies and regulations, the college recommends dozens of graduates each year to pass undergraduate examinations to enter undergraduate colleges to study and apply for non-commissioned officers and students of the People’s Liberation Army. In 2014, college students won the first prize of the higher vocational group of the “Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award” entrepreneurship planning competition in Hunan Province. In 2015, the college won the Hunan Provincial Employment and Entrepreneurship Demonstration School and the national colleges and universities with typical employment experience.

Zhangjiajie Institute of Aeronautical Engineering has successively won the National May 4th Red Banner Youth League Committee, the National May 4th Red Banner Youth League Branch, the national education system concerned with the next generation of advanced collectives, and the country ’s college and secondary school students ’summer“ three going to the countryside ”social practice activities. Unit, Outstanding Contribution Award of the First National Numerical Control Skills Contest, First Prize of the Third “Blue Bridge Cup” National Software Contest Finals, Second Prize of the National Enterprise Business Management Sand Table Simulation Contest, National Machinery Industry Mold Design and Manufacturing Contest 1 First prize, Hunan Model Workers’ Home, Advanced Unit for Training Skilled Talents in Hunan Province, Advanced Unit for Ideological and Political Education in Hunan Province, and Advanced Unit for Psychological Counseling for College Students in Hunan Province.


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