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Zhangzhou City College (漳州城市职业学院, website) is a college-level full-time ordinary vocational school organized by the Zhangzhou Municipal People ’s Government and approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government and registered with the Ministry of Education. The school’s school history can be traced from Longxi Normal School to Tingzhanglong Normal School established in 1905. It has a century of history and profound cultural accumulation. Xu Dishan, Lin Huixiang, Huang Yitang, Huang Diancheng and other famous scholars have taught here and cultivated a A batch of outstanding primary school educators and a batch of pioneers and talents of the times, such as Peng Chong, Fang Yi, Wang De, Li Zhaobing, Su Jing and other revolutionaries of the older generation, Wang Zhanchun, Gao Jiecheng, Ke Liankui, and other revolutionary martyrs were trained. Many outstanding students, such as Yang Sao, Shen Roujian, Peng Yanjiao and other famous experts and scholars. In 2003, Longxi Normal School and Yunxiao Normal School (founded in 1958) were merged into Zhangzhou Education College (formerly known as the Longxi Prefecture Primary School Administrative Cadre Workshop founded in February 1955); in 2007, Zhangzhou Education College was restructured into an ordinary higher education institution. Vocational school was renamed “Zhangzhou City Vocational College”. In 2017, the college passed the second round of evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges. In November 2018, the evaluation and return visit was successfully passed, and the landmark results of the evaluation and rectification have been well-received by experts.

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Zhangzhou City College is located in Xiyangping High Campus District, Wucheng District, Zhangzhou City. The school headquarters covers an area of ??180 acres, the Xinhua West campus is 7.8 acres, and the farm is 93.38 acres. There are 177 on-campus training rooms, 119 college innovation and entrepreneurship parks, affiliated kindergartens and off-campus practice bases. The college attaches importance to inheriting a century of teacher education and vigorously develops modern higher vocational education. There are currently 5,887 full-time students (other than that, 546 are five-year college students and 258 are new-type professional farmers). There are 33 majors including teacher education department, preschool education department, culture and art creativity department, economic management department, gardening and horticulture department, food engineering department, and electronic information engineering department. At present, the college has 2 majors in central financial support to improve the professional service industry development ability, 1 provincial higher vocational college demonstration major, 1 provincial boutique major, 13 provincial boutique resource sharing courses, and 1 provincial teaching reform comprehensive experiment. The project, 4 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education pilot programs, and one of the first batch of provincial-level vocational education excellent online open courses were listed by Zhangzhou as a basic education teacher training base.

Zhangzhou City College has a highly qualified, well-structured and highly qualified faculty. At present, there are 392 faculty members, 237 full-time teachers, 92 teachers with a senior degree or above, and 3 doctors. 55.6% of them are “double-teacher” teachers. There are 2 provincial teaching teams, 2 provincial professional leaders, and 1 provincial teaching teacher. A group of industry and enterprise management talents, skilled craftsmen, and non-genetic inheritors have been recruited into the “dual teacher” part-time teacher team.

Zhangzhou City College insists on opening schools to serve regional economic and social development. Cooperate with universities, counties, and district governments, schools, and enterprises in Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries (borders) to promote the “one county, one agreement”. Actively undertake the education of male teachers in public schools in Zhangzhou, strive to make up for the shortcomings of Zhangzhou education, add three state-controlled education majors, and train urgently needed talents in primary education. A relatively complete education system for teachers of primary schools and below has been formed; a rural revitalization class has been established Institutes of new professional peasants’ diploma education will be held to help rural development. There are campus radio and television stations and in-depth cooperation with Zhangzhou TV Station; Huang Daozhou and 10 research institutes including Southern Fujian Culture, Southern Fujian Folk Art, Internet Economy, Flowers, Food Technology, and Intelligent Product Development were set up, and a batch of research and innovation results was produced. Focusing on the “big industry, big industry” center, we focus on industrial packaging design, inheritance of non-heritage cultural products, and protection of non-heritage intellectual property rights.

Zhangzhou City College is guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. It is conscientiously implementing the spirit of the National and Provincial Education Conference. It is full of spirit, full of confidence, steady footsteps, and service and obedience. Promote the “city +” development strategy, continue to improve the quality and level of school running, promote the construction of connotation, and strive to build the college into a well-known regional, industry-leading, high-level urban vocational college with some demonstration and leadership.


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