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Introduction to Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College

Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College (浙江汽车职业技术学院, website) is located in Linhai, a famous historical and cultural city in the country. It is jointly run by Linhai Municipal People’s Government and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The cultural heritage of the millennium ancient city and the courageous pioneering Geely corporate culture have given our college its unique characteristics and profound connotation.

Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College is based on the automotive industry and serves the regional economic development of Zhejiang and Taizhou. It focuses on the construction of automotive, electronics, machinery manufacturing and trade distribution services, and cultivates high-quality technical skills on the front lines of production, construction, management and service Specialists. There are teaching departments such as the Department of Automotive Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Economics and Trade, and the College of Adult Education. Established 17 majors in 5 major categories, including automotive, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation, business management, language and culture, namely automotive inspection and maintenance technology, automotive manufacturing and assembly technology, automotive electronics technology, automotive application technology, numerical control technology, Mold design and manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and automation, industrial robotics technology, new energy vehicle technology, electrical automation technology, automotive intelligent technology, intelligent product development, aircraft manufacturing technology (land and air vehicle manufacturing and maintenance), automotive marketing and service, Business Enterprise Management, Logistics Management, Business English. Among them, automobile inspection and maintenance technology is a major professional construction project of Zhejiang University in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, and automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, automotive electronics technology, automobile marketing and service are special construction projects of Zhejiang University in the 13th Five-Year Plan period; The training center is a demonstration training base for higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province, and has been confirmed by the Ministry of Education as a vocational education training base supported by the central government.

Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College has a national vocational skills appraisal office. It has built a leading practice training base in Zhejiang Province with an area of ??more than 20,000 square meters. It has advanced equipment, sufficient workstations, complete functions, and practical training instructor skills. Superb. In teaching, focusing on ability training, focusing on skills training, vigorously carry out student skills competition activities, promote the “dual certificate” system among all students, form an atmosphere of “advocating one skill”, and stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning vocational skills. Cultivate students into high-quality skilled personnel required by enterprises and society.

Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College relies on the industrial advantages of Geely Group, “front school and back factory”, implements a talent training model of combining engineering with learning, school-enterprise cooperation, many senior experts at Geely Automobile Research Institute and various automobile production bases, intermediate and advanced engineering technology Personnel and management cadres serve as part-time teachers of the college, make full use of the educational resources of schools and enterprises, link the school’s teaching activities with the production process of the enterprise, ensure that the school completes the teaching tasks with high quality, and “cultivate a forest of talents” for enterprise development. Our academy has successively undertaken the 3rd National Mould Skills Contest of Geely Holding Group and the 1st intensive training of auto engine installers and contestants, and has won the first and individual championships of the National Mould Contest Group and the Bronze Award of Auto Engine Installers. Excellent results.

Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College actively establishes contacts with many domestic universities, continuously expands exchanges and cooperation, and further builds “overpasses” for students. At present, there are a variety of undergraduate or secondary majors such as correspondence education, distance education, and self-study assistance. Pathways for further studies. Cooperative universities include China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Ningbo Engineering College, and many other well-known colleges. They specialize in various disciplines such as automobile, machinery, management, and marketing, and have accumulated nearly 10,000 graduates. people.

The comprehensive strength of Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College has won the recognition of leaders at all levels, all sectors of society and international education experts: German and Mexican vocational education missions highly agree with the school’s teaching mode; ; After visiting the school, Deputy Director Li Lu of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education spoke highly of the importance and strengthening of skills education at the college, seamless connection with enterprises, distinctive professional characteristics, correct schooling ideas, and the direction of higher vocational education. Vocational colleges and provincial conferences praised and promoted the characteristics of our school. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. has been awarded the “Best School-Enterprise Cooperation Unit” for many years. In December 2017, the college won the “2017 Private Vocational College Talent Training Innovation Award”; in December 2018, it was determined to be the first in Zhejiang Province. Two batches of provincial modern apprenticeship pilot units.


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