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Introduction to Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College

Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College (浙江邮电职业技术学院, website) is a provincial full-time general higher vocational college. It is a “provincial civilized unit” and was founded in 1958. The main campus of the college is located in the historic and cultural city of Shaoxing. The Hangzhou campus is a comprehensive training center for students and staff education. The college is a national smart city training base, a national safety production training rehearsal base, a national professional technical personnel continuing education base, the first batch of national postal talent training bases identified by the State Post Bureau, China Mobile vocational skills training base, and Zhejiang postal industry talent training. The base is also the secretariat unit of the National Postal Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee. It also has qualifications for vocational skills appraisal specific to the two major industries of the postal and communications industries.

Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College conscientiously implements the party’s education policy, adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “quality as the core and skills as the center”, and has formed the school-running characteristics of “interchange of diploma education and vocational training, integration of campus culture and corporate culture” Focusing on the “three completes” education policy, we have successfully created a ideological education platform integrating knowledge and action, a professional teaching platform integrating learning and practice, and a service management platform with full participation. At the same time, the college has in-depth docking with postal and telecommunications companies and relevant government departments in personnel training, vocational training and student employment, and has established a long-term good education and training partnership, which has established an open, school-enterprise for the college. A deeply integrated talent training platform. Students are welcomed by companies for their strong professional counterparts and good professional qualities. The initial employment rate of graduates has remained above 97% for five consecutive years.

After years of exploration, the college’s educational achievements have been fruitful. Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College sends nearly 10,000 talents to the society, with an annual training volume of 300,000 days. The students of the Post Academy participated in the National Classic Poetry Reading Competition (First Prize), the National Communication Vocational Skills Competition (Second Prize), the Zhongtong Service Vocational Education Alliance Skills Competition (First Prize), and the National Computer Software Design Competition (First Prize) ) And other awards in various competitions at all levels, which fully reflects the achievements of the college’s innovative talent training model, and highlights the characteristics of higher vocational colleges in communication.

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Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College

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