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Zhejiang University of Technology (浙江工业大学, website) is a comprehensive key university in Zhejiang Province. It was founded in 1953. Zhejiang Economic Management Cadre College, Hangzhou Shipbuilding Industry School and Zhejiang Building Materials Industrial School were merged into Zhejiang University of Technology in 1994, 1999 and 2001 respectively. At present, the university has developed into a comprehensive teaching and research university with certain influence in China, and its comprehensive strength ranks among the top 100 universities in China.

Zhejiang University of Technology is located in the historical and cultural city, the world-famous scenic spot – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has three campuses, namely, Zhaohui, Pingfeng and Zhijiang. It covers an area of 3009.92 acres and has an elegant and beautiful campus environment. The university has 66 undergraduate enrollment majors, covering 11 major categories including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. It has 28 colleges and one department. The university’s existing fixed assets totaled 4.285 billion yuan. The library covers an area of 46,000 square meters, with 11.16 million books (including electronic books) and 108,611 Chinese and foreign periodicals.

Zhejiang University of Technology has 3,055 faculty members, including 2,211 full-time teachers, 497 senior professional titles, 988 deputy senior titles, and 1,497 teachers with doctoral degrees. As of September 30, 2018, there were 18,965 regular full-time undergraduate students; 9 649 graduate students (825 doctoral students, 6811 full-time postgraduate students, 2011 full-time postgraduate students); more than 13,500 adult education students 980 international students.

Zhejiang University of Technology puts the quality of education in a prominent position and strives to cultivate elite talents. Since its establishment 66 years ago, it has trained more than 200,000 outstanding talents for the country. In recent years, the quality of students’ students has been continuously improved, and students’ practice and innovation ability has been continuously improved. In the past three years, they have won 38 international awards and 278 national awards in various high-level college students’ science and technology competitions. In 2018, the undergraduate employment rate was 96.54%, the primary employment rate of graduate students was 98.36%, and the undergraduate students continued to pursue the rate of 31.68%.

The university’s foreign exchange activities have become increasingly active, and has established cooperative relationships with nearly 180 universities and institutions from The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Sweden, Norway. , Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Spain, Estonia, Iran, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Ghana and other countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and so on.

Great progress has been made in the joint training of students, academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, the introduction of overseas intelligence, education for foreign students in China, and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. At present, the university has the qualifications for Chinese government scholarships, Confucius Institute scholarships, and Zhejiang government scholarships for international students. So far, students from more than 100 countries and regions have come to study Chinese language, Chinese culture and undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs.

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College of Foreign Languages

The College of Foreign Languages of Zhejiang University of Technology was established in 2000. Its predecessor was the Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of Foreign Languages of the Basic Department of Zhejiang University of Technology. The Department of Foreign Languages began to recruit undergraduates majoring in English for science and technology in 1994. In the context of globalization, the college deepen practical teaching, strengthen collaborative education, actively expand international training channels, and strive to train “foreign language +” composite high-level foreign language talents.

The college currently has two undergraduate majors in English and Japanese, among which the Japanese major is selected as the first batch of first-class undergraduate construction majors in Zhejiang Province. The college has 1 second-level master’s degree in cross-cultural language and literature, and 4 institutes in English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, translation, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics.

In the past three years, more than 10% of the students in the college have been exempted from studying for postgraduates, and more than one-third of the students have gone abroad for further studies. The employment rate has always remained above 98%. The college has organized and participated in the “One to One” important guests of the World Internet Conference for the sixth consecutive year to receive volunteer work. More than 100 students have participated in the G20 Summit, the first United Nations Geographic Information Conference, FINA World Swimming Championship (25 meters) and other international volunteer services.

The college implements an international development strategy and has established cooperation mechanisms for talent cultivation with well-known universities in the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries. With frequent international exchanges and many years of experience in cultivating international students, it is the main supporting unit of the two Confucius Institutes of our school, and also provides support for other Chinese language teaching projects overseas.


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