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Introduction to Zhengzhou Electric Power College

Zhengzhou Electric Power College (郑州电力高等专科学校, website) is an ordinary college jointly established by the central and local governments, organized by the electric power industry, and taking electric power vocational education as the main body. It is also an important electric power technical personnel training base in Central and South China.

The college has a history of 85 years. Its predecessor, Zheng County Industrial Vocational School (later renamed Henan Provincial Zhengzhou Advanced Industrial Vocational School), was founded in 1933. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, it was run for 8 years in Chimei Town, Neixiang County. After 16 renames. In 1953, the national colleges and departments adjusted, based on the Zhengzhou Advanced Industrial Vocational School, to merge the electrical engineering departments of the six advanced industrial schools in the five central and southern provinces, and established the Zhengzhou Electric Power School of the Ministry of Fuel Industry.

Zhengzhou Electric Power College has 5,945 students. There are 368 registered employees, including 285 full-time teachers; 32 professors, associate professors, senior engineers, and other senior titles of 98; 128 lecturers; 118 doctors and masters. The school has 144 on-campus training rooms and more than 30 off-campus internship bases; it has the Henan Electricity Energy-saving and Emission-reduction Engineering Research Center of the Education Department of Henan Province, Zhengzhou Power Generation Boiler Energy-saving and Emission-Reduction Key Laboratory; it has 6 professional departments and 3 public teaching Department, offering 26 specialized majors, including: 3 major majors at the provincial level or above, 7 specialty majors, 4 majors cooperating with Australia’s Qismeng College; building 1 national quality resource sharing course, and provincial quality resources There are 2 shared courses and 144 online courses in the school. 8 vocational education innovation and development action projects have been approved. The employment rate of previous graduates is above 95%.

The college undertakes the personnel, finance, and material management classes of the State Grid Henan Electric Power Company, as well as the team leader and new employee induction training programs. In 2017, relying on the school, Zhengzhou Branch of State Grid Technology Institute was established to start training for new employees of State Grid Corporation of China. The school has Henan Province’s first batch of thermal power generation national vocational skill appraisal stations, national three-network integration mobile Internet talent certification exam skill appraisal station, electronic CAD professional qualification certification skill appraisal station, e-commerce teacher test sites and other skills appraisal sites to undertake vocational skills Identification task.

During the 85-year school running journey, Zhengzhou Electric Power College has trained more than 60,000 outstanding talents. The outstanding performance and outstanding achievements of alumni have earned the school a good reputation and established the school’s important status.


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