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Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology (郑州工业应用技术学院, website) is located in Xinzheng City, Henan Province, a famous historical and cultural city in China. It is located in the first pilot economic development zone of the airport in China, Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone. It is a private undergraduate university focusing on engineering. Zhongyuan Huaxin Commerce and Trade Group Co., Ltd., which is a company integrating medical, pharmaceutical, real estate, and hotels, was established.

The predecessor of Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology was Zhengzhou Huaxin Vocational College, which was established in 1997. In 2001, it was renamed Zhengzhou Huaxin Vocational and Technical College, and implemented college education. In 2008, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college and renamed Zhengzhou Huaxin College. He obtained the bachelor degree granting right in 2012 and was renamed “Zhengzhou Institute of Industrial Technology” in 2014.

Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology has sent more than 80,000 talents to the society, and has made positive contributions to local economic construction and social development. After the promotion, the university optimized the corporate governance structure according to the undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation standards, increased teaching investment, strengthened the construction of teaching staff, deepened the reform of the training model, standardized the management of teaching work, and significantly improved the level of schooling and training. Passed the qualification assessment of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education.

The University adheres to the demand orientation of talent training and constantly optimizes the professional layout. The school has 14 secondary colleges, including the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Architectural Engineering, and the Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory. It has 63 specialized colleges, including 47 undergraduate majors. There are more than 30,000 full-time undergraduate students, and a preliminary layout of disciplines with engineering as the mainstay, and coordinated development of engineering, medicine, management, economics, art, literature, education, and law has been formed.

Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology insists on continuous investment in conditional construction, and improves and optimizes teaching facilities. The school is divided into east and west campuses, covering a total area of 2,090 acres. The school building covers an area of 696,600 square meters, with a total investment of 1.837 billion yuan. It has a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a comprehensive sports field, an academic exchange center, a comprehensive student affairs service center, and university students. Business incubation parks and other facilities; it has 35 experimental training centers (comprehensive laboratories), 199 laboratories, teaching and research equipment and equipment worth nearly 200 million yuan; more than 2 million volumes of paper books; a beautiful new campus, Well-equipped teaching conditions have been formed.

The university currently has 1,359 full-time teachers, including 120 teachers with a senior professional title and 389 teachers with a sub-high professional title; 951 teachers with a master’s degree or above, accounting for 70%; 4 teachers who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, and 3 national outstanding teachers 1 provincial excellent expert, 9 provincial excellent teachers, 1 provincial teaching teacher, 6 provincial academic technology leaders, 11 backbone teachers. In the past three years, school teachers have undertaken 1,632 teaching and research projects at the municipal level and above, and published 1,933 academic papers.

Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology has built 4 professional clusters such as advanced manufacturing, modern services, rehabilitation and retirement, and urban and rural construction. Relying on the advantages of enterprise groups in running schools, it has established an integrated development platform for learning, research, and production; strengthened basic skills training, professional comprehensive training, The three-tiered practical teaching system for enterprise combat training has carried out a series of reforms in the training of applied talents and has achieved certain results. The school currently has 1 Henan Province key specialty, 1 Henan specialty specialty, 10 Henan private university brand majors, 4 Henan Province comprehensive reform pilot majors, 1 Henan Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and Zhengzhou Key Laboratory. , Six major (demonstration) majors in Zhengzhou.

The university regards serving local economic and social development as its purpose, aims to cultivate applied technical talents, takes career as the direction, takes the school-enterprise cooperation as the path of production-education integration, closes school-enterprise cooperation, and builds a collaborative innovation platform to promote production and education. Integration; Give full play to the advantages of engineering, build a new model of school-enterprise cooperation, and take the road of combining production, learning and research. 10 collaborative innovation platforms including the UAV Collaborative Innovation Research Institute, the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Innovation Center, and the New Rural Construction New Wall Material Research Center have been established; mechanical processing, the construction and maintenance of Yihong communication equipment and base stations, 10 industrial-education-integrated social service platforms including engineering quality inspection.

Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology serves the economic construction of the “Belt and Road” nations, recruiting more than 130 international students; successively co-cultivating doctoral students with universities in the Philippines and Malaysia; co-founding the “China-Canada Golf Academy” with the Dutch Institute of Canada; Riverside Campus and Florida International University reached a consensus on running a school; cooperated with Gule University of Thailand to establish a “China-Thailand Graduate Education Institute” to achieve joint admissions, joint training, and joint employment at home and abroad; and the Graduate School of the Century University of Malaysia and the Confucius Institute The cooperation project of the master’s teaching point is also about to be launched; in cooperation with the Thai National University of Law and Politics, the advantages and specialties of our university will be promoted, and the cooperation intention has now been reached.

In the past three years, the initial employment rate of fresh graduates of universities has been higher than the average level in our province, and the employment rate at the end of the year has ranked among the top in our province. The school has been awarded “Henan Provincial Excellent Private School”, “Henan Provincial Civilization School”, “Henan Provincial Advanced Vocational College Graduate Employment Work Collective”, “Henan Garden Unit”, “Henan Province Safe Campus”, “The whole province” “Advanced Social Organizations”, “Advanced Primary Party Organizations in Henan Higher Education Institutions”, “Henan Provincial Demonstration Schools by Law”, “Top Ten Educational Units for Zhengzhou Citizens”, “Zhengzhou Local Universities Informatization Model Colleges” and other honorary titles. The school was rated as “2014 China Influential Private University” by Xinhuanet in 2014, and “Top Ten Model Universities in Henan Applied Technology” by Henan Daily in 2015, and was named “China” by China Alumni Association in March 2016. “High-level private universities”, in 2017 was named “Henan’s top ten leading private universities” by Henan Daily, and Tencent · Dayu.com was named “2017 brand strength private universities”. According to the publication of academic papers by 1,255 undergraduate colleges and universities in China in 2018 published by the Shenpin Data, among 434 private undergraduate colleges and universities in the country, the school ranked eighth in the country and the first in Henan with 632 papers. In the past two years, teachers and students of Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology have won more than 30 national first prizes and more than 50 provincial first prizes in various competitions.


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