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Introduction to Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation

Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation (郑州财税金融职业学院, website) is a college-level general public higher vocational college approved by the Henan Provincial Government. It is located in the Huicheng District of Zhengzhou Guancheng. The school has perfect school facilities, beautiful campus environment and convenient transportation. The college covers an area of 301 acres, with a building area of 150,000 square meters. The college library has more than 360,000 volumes of paper books, 200,000 electronic books, and a rich library of digital libraries. The college has a digital campus network system with gigabit fiber, which realizes the full digitalization of campus teaching, management, and logistics services. In order to meet the needs of quality education and on-campus training, and promote the “dual on-campus duality” school running characteristics, the college has “two halls” (libraries, gyms), “one hall” (auditorium), “five training centers” (financial, accounting, marketing , Management logistics, information), of which the virtual commercial social environment VBSE comprehensive training center established in cooperation with Xindao Technology Co., Ltd., the national and local tax training center established in cooperation with Aerospace Information Corporation, and the Shenzhen Guotai’an company established in cooperation Modern financial training centers are at the leading level among similar institutions.

Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation currently has 376 faculty members, of which 256 are full-time teachers, and 86 are teachers with deputy senior professional and technical titles, accounting for 34% of full-time teachers; 161 graduates, accounting for full-time teachers 63%; 82 double-teacher teachers, accounting for 32% of full-time teachers. Each major of the school is equipped with more than 5 full-time teachers with a deputy senior title or higher, each major is equipped with more than 5 full-time teachers with a mid-level title or higher, and each major professional skill course is equipped with 6 or more full-time teachers with a mid-level title or higher. In recent years, college teachers have published more than 600 academic papers in journals at all levels, and received more than 200 provincial outstanding achievement awards. They have edited and participated in editing more than 100 provincial and ministry planning textbooks.

Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation has established accounting, accounting (CPA direction), financial management, taxation, financial management, investment and wealth management, marketing, e-commerce, international business, mobile commerce, business management, character image design, engineering 34 majors such as cost (registered cost engineer direction), logistics management (international freight forwarder direction), logistics financial management, animation production technology, computer application technology, software technology, mobile application development, interior design art, sports art performance, etc.

Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation has successively carried out Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools with Texas Wesleyan University, cooperating with the Construction University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and launching a “2 + 2” international inter-university cooperation project, and cooperating with Lumbia University in Edinburgh, UK “3 + 1” promotion to international projects, cooperation with Canada’s Royster College of Arts and Sciences to carry out the China-Canada through train project, cooperation with the SMRT International Language Education Center of Canada to carry out language training projects, and cooperation with South Korea’s Hushan University for teacher-student exchange and joint Training project. In cooperation with excellent vocational colleges in many countries, we will create a high-quality study abroad platform to provide students with opportunities for further education and personalized career guidance.

Since the establishment of Zhengzhou Vocational College of Finance and Taxation, centering on the development strategy of the Central Plains Economic Zone, it has intensively created a professional group of “financial, application, and specialization”, continuously improved the quality of talent training, and made efforts to promote economic and social development and employment. Active contribution, identified by Henan Provincial Department of Education, Henan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Affairs, Henan Provincial Department of Finance, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission as Henan Vocational Education Characteristic Colleges, and confirmed by Henan Provincial Department of Social Affairs, Finance, and Education The national skill revitalization project construction project base was identified by the Provincial Department of Education as the third batch of schools that implement Sino-German cooperative vocational education and teaching model projects, Henan moral education backbone teacher training base, and Henan province secondary vocational accounting “double teacher” base. The Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has been identified as the base for continuing education for highly-skilled talents in Zhengzhou. Won the “Provincial Model of Civilized Units”, “Henan Provincial Advanced School Construction Unit”, “Henan Provincial Advanced Financial System”, “Henan Higher Education Quality and Social Satisfaction College”, “Henan Vocational College Admissions and Employment “Guiding advanced units”, “advanced units for school-enterprise cooperation in running schools”, “Zhengzhou participated in the National Vocational College Skills Competition Outstanding Contribution Award” and other honorary titles, enjoyed a high reputation and a good image in the society. Many news media such as Henan Daily, Dahe Daily, Henan Education Network, etc. have reported on the development and construction of our institute and the running of the school many times.


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