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Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology (浙江工业大学之江学院, website) is a full-time independent college of higher education, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Government, confirmed by the Ministry of Education, conducted by Zhejiang University of Technology, and jointly cooperated by Zhejiang University of Technology and Shaoxing Education Investment Co. Ltd. since 2012. From September 2013, the freshmen study in Shaoxing campus.

Currently, the college has 10 subordinate schools and 1 department, namely, School of Business, School of Information and Engineering, School of humanities, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Foreign languages, School of Architecture, School of Design, School of Science, School of Tourism(affiliated to China Tavel Service), School of Continuing Education(Adult education of Zhijiang branch) and Department of physical education and military training. There are 35 undergraduate specialties, covering engineering, science, literature,law,management, economics and art, which were all set up in close combination with the requirement of economic construction of Zhejiang Province and social development. Now nearly 7500 undergraduate students study at the college. The college awards a diploma of Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology and also grants the Bachelor’s degree if the student meets the requirements for graduation and Bachelor’s degree gaining. Supported by Zhejiang University of Technology, the college enrolls graduate students and oversea students.

As the college focuses on teaching, deepens reforms and strengthens practical teaching, its teaching quality improves steadily and specialty characteristics have preliminarily showed.Over the years, the college has carried out a series of teaching researches and construction projects of different levels,totaling more than 300 items including 31 Zhejiang higher education quality projects and 9 Shaoxing higher education teaching reforming and construction projects, initiated the key specialty construction project, among them the mechanical engineering and automation is the key provincial major construction, and the teaching center of mechanic engineering is considered a key construction project by the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, determined 73 excellent courses of which Advanced Mathematics and the mechanics are provincial elaborate course,edited 65 textbooks of different types, of which 6 are key textbooks of Zhejiang University. The thesis of “The research and practice of independent college teaching management”winned the first prize in the Teaching Achievements of Zhejiang Province.To improve the teaching effectiveness and guarantee the teaching quality, the college has successively built 8 experiment centers with 80 affiliated laboratories, and has established over 100 off-campus training bases with a host of enterprise and public institutions inside and outside the province. The number of science and education apparatus totals 8619, and its gross value amounts to more than 58 million.

The college always follows its “students-oriented” idea and makes thoughtful arrangements to build a solid foundation for students’ success. Every year, 2% extraordinary students in the college are admitted to Zhejiang University of Technology enjoying the same teaching staff and facilities as the students there. The college also practices Daily Regime and Four-year construct career planning and employing guidance course. To prominently cultivate students’ innovative and entrepreneurial ability, the college has founded the extracurricular science and technology fund and often organizes business plan competitions for students.

The college has been taking an active step towards overseas exchange and cooperation with universities and scientific institutes abroad, establishing preparatory schools in order to set a good stage students to study abroad. Moreover, the college started enrolling students in 2013 for the sino-foreign joint industrial design project. Current inter-college projects consist of “William Paterson 2plus2 and graduate students 4plus1”, undergraduates 2+2 and 3+1 with Bridgeport, “the joint cultivation of undergraduates”, undergraduate 2+2.5 with the eastern Illinois University, “graduates 3+1+1” with the University of Dundee, “the joint cultivation of undergraduates” with Austria IMC Krens University of Applied Sciences, “graduates 2+2” with Group T-international University college Beuven and “joint cultivation of undergraduate” with Soai University of Japan, with over 350 student studying abroad for further education. Every year, nearly a hundred students go to the United States, German, Australia, Hongkong and Taiwan for international exchange project.

The college also achieves prodigious results in the cultivation of talents and its students have outstanding practical and innovational ability. In the recent five years, the college has gained 29 national-level awards, 256 provincial awards in various academic competitions held by educational administration, which comes out in front among the independent colleges in Zhejiang province. Besides, the students are passionate about starting their own businesses and their entrepreneurial competencies are elevated on a yearly basis.Each year, there are about 80 College students’ entrepreneurial teams on the record which involves nearly 500 students . So far, the college has fostered over 17600 graduate students who have a good reputation among the employers due to their excellent comprehensive qualities and the first employment rate is always above 93 percent.Over the years, totaling 661 graduates chose to go for further study and a few students distinguished themselves from the others to be moral models or outstanding youngsters.

The advantage of teaching staff of Zhejiang University of Technology provides the college with the bases for introducing high-level talents, employing renowned professors, experts, scholars, advanced technology management talents, discipline leaders and adjunct professors and implementing (a projects of professors教授工程) and (a system of teachers教师制度). The college employs now 432 full-time teachers, 35.4% being associate senior, 76 with a doctor degree, and 55 being master tutors. Supported by Zhejiang University of Technology, the college also enrolls graduate students.

During the past few years, 429 bureau-level scientific research projects submitted by our teachers have been approved, among which 115 are at or above provincial level including 8 National Science Foundation of China, 3 Natural Fund of Social Science, natural science funds of Zhejiang Province,etc to which the government allocated 60 million scientific research funds and 218 patents(16 are patents for invention) were authorized. In addition, 302 academic thesises and 43 volumes of academic monographs have been published of which 18 were published by National press.

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