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Zhongyuan University of Technology (中原工学院, website) is a high-level characteristic backbone university with a multi-disciplinary development of engineering, management, literature, science, economics, law, philosophy, history, and art. The school was founded in 1955 and was formerly known as Zhengzhou Textile Institute of Technology. It is affiliated to the Ministry of Textile Industry of the People’s Republic of China. In 1998, it was transferred to Henan Province. In 2000, it was renamed Zhongyuan Institute of Technology.

Zhongyuan University of Technology has three teaching areas, namely Longhu Campus, Zhongyuan Campus and West Campus, covering an area of 1,610 acres. At present, there are more than 24,000 full-time ordinary college students, undergraduates, graduate students, and international students, and more than 2,200 part-time adult education students. The building area of the school building is 847,400 square meters, and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 575 million yuan. There are a total of 4.642 million books, of which 1.54 million are printed books; 2.942 million are electronic books. The school currently has 1,886 faculty members, including 1296 full-time teachers, 594 senior titles, and 489 PhDs; 6 national-level outstanding teachers, 1 national model teacher, national middle-aged and young people with outstanding contributions, and enjoys the special government of the State Council. 20 subsidy experts; 7 academic leaders in Henan Province, 9 teaching teachers in Henan Province, 8 outstanding teachers at the provincial level, 3 special allowances by the Henan Provincial Government, 6 special lecture professors in Henan Province, and provincial level teaching And 17 scientific research teams.

Zhongyuan University of Technology has 20 teaching departments, including the School of Textiles, the School of Clothing, the School of Energy and Environment, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, the School of Electronic Information, and the School of Art and Design. There are currently 64 undergraduate majors and 11 first-level master degree authorization points. 53 second-level subject master degree authorization points and 11 master degree authorisation categories. It owns the “Classical Project of Henan Province’s Characteristic Discipline Group” of “New Textile and Apparel Materials and High-end Equipment”, covering 5 first-level disciplines. There are 8 first-level disciplines of Henan Province key disciplines, and 2 second-level disciplines of Henan Province key disciplines. In 2018, he was granted a doctorate degree from Henan Province and was awarded to the project construction unit. It has the first batch of industrial training centers and university science parks in Henan Province.

Zhongyuan University of Technology has 4 national specialty specialty, 1 national specialty comprehensive reform pilot specialty, 1 national practice teaching base, 1 national university ideological and political theory teaching and research team, and a group of provincial specialty specialty, Experimental teaching demonstration center (laboratory), teaching team, excellent resource sharing class, bilingual teaching demonstration class, etc. In the recent three evaluations of Henan Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards, he won 9 special prizes and first prizes. In national competitions such as the National College Student Challenge Cup, Mathematical Modeling Competition, College Student Electronic Design Competition, and College Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, the students of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology have achieved excellent results and won a first-class national level in the Challenge Cup series. There were 1 prize, 1 second prize, and 13 third prizes. He has won 5 “Outstanding Cups” in Henan Province, and 1 national progress prize. In the “National College Student Engineering Training Comprehensive Competitiveness Competition”, the school is one of three universities that won the first prize in the country for five consecutive years; in the “2017 National College Student Electronic Design Competition”, the school won 2 national first prizes There are 6 second-class awards, and the number of award-winning projects ranks first in Henan Province. In the “14th National Graduate Mathematical Modeling Contest”, it won 1 first-class national award, 3 second-class awards, and 3 There are 7 prizes, and the number of first, second and third prizes ranks first among ordinary universities in Henan Province. At the same time, the school undertakes the work of the Henan Province Organizing Committee of the National University Student Electronic Design Competition, and won the National Outstanding Competition Organization Award in 2017. Industrial design students have twice won the German “Red Dot Design Award” known as the “Oscar of the international design community”; Fashion and clothing design students have won the “Newcomer Award”, the highest award in national university clothing design, and the school has received “education in clothing design” People Award. ” Graduates have strong practical ability and innovative consciousness, high employment quality, and the employment rate has remained above 90% in the past three years.

Zhongyuan University of Technology currently has a national and local joint engineering laboratory for diamond high-efficiency precision sawing tool technology, Henan Textile and Garment Industry Collaborative Innovation Center, Henan Key Laboratory of Functional Textile Materials, Henan Key Laboratory of Functional Salt Materials, Henan Province Key Laboratory for Internet Public Opinion Monitoring and Intelligent Analysis, Henan New International Textile Materials and Textiles International Laboratory, Henan International Multi-modal Image Processing and Intelligent Analysis International Laboratory, Image Analysis and Machine Vision Henan Engineering Laboratory, Energy Internet Optimization Operation and dispatch of 44 national and provincial scientific research platforms including Henan Engineering Laboratory, Henan Heat Pump Air Conditioning Engineering Technology Research Center, and Diamond Carbon Composite Engineering Technology Research Center. Since 2011, the school has undertaken more than 1,800 scientific research projects of various types, including 160 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 31 projects of the National Social Science Fund, 11 major national science and technology projects, national key research and development plan projects, and major national defense subprojects. There are more than 730 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 181 provincial and ministerial social science projects such as the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education, and 600 horizontal scientific research projects. Won 136 scientific research awards above provincial and ministerial level, including 3 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress, 2 first prizes for provincial scientific and technological progress, and 2 first prizes for outstanding achievements in social sciences in Henan Province; 1638 papers were included in the three major searches. , Published 682 works, authorized 703 invention patents. In 2017, our school was successfully selected as the first batch of Henan Shuangchuang Base and Zhongyuan Institute of Technology for the creation of Henan Chuangchuang Space. In 2018, our school was approved as the first batch of radiation spots in Zhengluo’s National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.

Zhongyuan University of Technology actively serves the national “Belt and Road” initiative, implements the open living school strategy, and has conducted international cooperation and exchanges with 55 educational institutions in 24 countries and regions including Russia, Italy, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Taiwan . Our school is one of the earliest universities in Henan to launch Sino-foreign cooperative education programs. Since 2002, our school has cooperated with the world’s top 100 universities, such as the University of Manchester, Manchester City University, New Zealand National Polytechnic University and other universities to organize textile engineering and clothing Design, construction engineering and other nine Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects at the junior college level and college level. In 2017, the school cooperated with the St. Petersburg State Aerospace Instrument Manufacturing University in the Russian Federation, a non-independent legal entity, a Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school-“Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, Zhongyuan Petersburg Aviation Institute”, which was approved by the Ministry of Education. Electrical engineering and its automation, measurement and control technology and Instrumentation, software engineering, and other three majors began to recruit students. In July 2018, Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the Henan Provincial Party Committee, visited our university, St. Petersburg State Aerospace Instrument Manufacturing University, and signed a “Aerial Technology Collaborative Innovation Center” agreement with the witness of the Provincial Party Secretary. It was included in the major project of “Belt and Road” construction in Henan Province. In May 2019, Xuanyuan College of Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, the first overseas branch of our university, was officially approved for record. The branch campus is located at Gree University, Thailand. The first batch of two majors, Chinese International Education and Accounting, were officially enrolled this year. The establishment of overseas campuses marks a new breakthrough in our school’s cooperation in running schools, and international cooperation is moving toward a new path of “introduction” and “going out”. The school signed a joint doctoral program with Brunel University in the UK, and 38 teachers became doctoral tutors at Brunel University. The school launched the “Study Program for Studying Abroad” and set up special scholarships for foreign students. International students from Russia, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and other countries along the “Belt and Road” have come to China to study Chinese, study for graduate students, and campus international The atmosphere is strong. Our school also successfully hosted the 7th China-Foreign Cooperation Annual Conference, hosted the “3rd International Conference on Logistics Management and Engineering (China Station)” and “International Conference on Industrial Fibers and Textiles” with the University of Bremen, Germany Jointly established the “International Joint Research Center for Logistics Management and Engineering”. Our school plays an active role in the organization of the Internationalization Alliance. It is an executive director unit of the Chinese Higher Education Association’s Sino-foreign cooperative education research branch, an anchor unit of the Henan Educational Exchange Association, and the first director unit of the Henan University Transportation Education Alliance. Our school actively develops international high-end intelligence-introduction work, and has been awarded the “Henan Provincial Advanced Unit for Introducing Foreign Intellectual Work” and “Henan Province Introducing Foreign Talent and Advanced Unit for Intellectual Work”. In 2018, in the China University International Competitiveness Ranking released by Venture Times and Beijing Jingling Education, our university’s international competitiveness ranked third in Henan Province.

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