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Zibo Normal College (淄博师范高等专科学校, website) is a full-time general college approved by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by the People’s Government of Zibo City. It mainly trains and trains elementary-level primary schools and preschool teachers. The school’s predecessor was the Zhoucun Normal School of Shandong Province, which was founded in 1951. It was upgraded to a junior college in 2004 and moved to a new site in 2006. The school promotes the spirit of “advancing with the times” and upholds the motto of “Lide Tree”. To vigorously implement the strategy of “establishing schools by quality, strengthening schools by talents, and developing schools with characteristics”. Adhere to the correct school orientation, always adhere to the Shandong, rural, and elementary school kindergartens, focusing on teacher education, training and training of elementary school general teachers and high-quality preschool teachers at the college level; giving consideration to non-teaching education and training to meet social needs Applied talent. Formed a talent training model of “integrated training, subject-specific majors, full practice, one specialty and multiple skills” for primary education majors, and “comprehensive training, learned expertise, full-course practice, and ability-oriented” for preschool education majors, serving Zibo City and even Shandong Province Has made important contributions to education and social development.

Zibo Normal College has a total of 7067 students, 508 faculty members, 136 professors and associate professors; more than 4,000 affiliated students, and 182 faculty members. The campus covers an area of 1280 acres, with a building area of 213,000 square meters, of which the area of teaching, scientific research, and administrative buildings is 119,600 square meters, and the sports venues are more than 70,000 square meters. The fixed assets are 611 million yuan, of which the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is over 41.66 million yuan, 800,000 volumes of paper books, 301,000 volumes of electronic books, and 540 pianos. The school implements a school-level two-level management system. The existing humanities, mathematical sciences, information sciences, preschool education, foreign language education, art education, elementary education and other seven departments and ideological and political theory teaching and research Ministry, with social science research center, education science research center and other teaching and scientific research institutions, with 138 internship training bases.

Zibo Normal College focuses on normal education and non-normal education. There are currently 13 enrollment majors, 1 national teacher education resource sharing course, 5 provincial specialty courses, 21 provincial excellent courses, 5 teaching teams, 2 provincial teaching teachers. Undertook 4 pilot projects of national education system reform, completed 22 teaching reform projects above the provincial level, and won 1 first prize and 1 second prize in the outstanding teaching achievements of universities in Shandong Province. In the past 5 years, school teachers have published more than 80 core journal papers and published 32 academic works. They have been awarded 47 research awards at the department level or above, and 70 research projects at the department level or above. One educational science planning project and one natural science fund project in Shandong Province have achieved breakthroughs in the school’s Ministry of Education project, the national education planning project, and natural science projects. The school actively promotes open school running, and has cooperated with many well-known universities at home and abroad, such as White Rock University, Huyuan University, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shandong Normal University.

Zibo Normal College has won 26 honors at the provincial level, including the National Red Cross Model School, Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work in Shandong Province, Provincial Civilized Unit, Pioneering Grassroots Party Organizations Promoting Science and Education, and Advanced Unit of Democratic Management in Provincial Schools. The above honours and commendations are 92, and more than 20 assessments and inspections have been successfully passed with excellent results such as campus civilization construction and moral education inspections, conditions for running vocational colleges, and personnel training. At present, the school is emancipating the mind, seizing opportunities, uniting one’s heart, forging ahead, and working hard to create a well-known teacher college in the country!


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