2022 Kenya Campus Recruitment – Huawei

October 11, 2022

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

We are looking for fresh graduates with technical and non-technical education to join Kenya office in 2022.
Technical path
If you have a technical background you can be trained for the Junior Engineer and develop in the future as the Solution Architect, Project Manager, Senior Engineer or Sales Manager in the Product Lines such as: Wireless (5G), IT (servers, storage), Network (Datacom, Fiber Optical, Access, Microwave), Application & Software (BSS, OSS).

Non-technical path
If you don’t have the technical education you can join us as an Assistant and develop to Specialist level in; Finance or Accounting.

Position Requirements

Professional Knowledge Requirement:
Other Competencies/Attributes:
1.Have good communication understanding and interpersonal skills.
2.Mathematics, statistics, data science, computer, software, information technology and other Finance/Accounting;
3.It will be more advantageous to have rich experience in technical competitions, associations and social practice.

Required Education / Qualifications:
1.Computer Science
2.Electrical and Electronic engineering
3.Communication engineering
5.Other science and engineering related majors

Required Knowledge and Experience:
1. Have a good command of product planning and optimization skills and independently take charge of product planning and optimization in service business scenarios such as project delivery, pre-sales development, training service, performance maintenance, or service product development.
2. Develop and implement product technical solutions.
3. Handle technical issues of a single product.