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October 6, 2022
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Job Description

The Notice of recruiting post-graduates English teaching assistant

In order to promote the revolution of scholarship and student grant system, and the comprehensive quality of post-graduates, we’re currently seeking part of overseas graduates to serve as the English assistant for our school’s post-graduates.

Position responsibilities.

1. Take relevant classes to learn about teaching requirements and teaching schedule, and familiarize yourself with teaching content, key points and difficulties. (1-2 teaching hours /week)

2. Divide into groups to take oral international academic training with students according to the teaching plan, every group takes the communication once a week. Ten people per group, one or two teaching hours each time.

3. Master’s English teaching assistant assists the teacher to instruct, explain and answer the extra-curricular homework of the student’s academic thesis. The assistant must assist the teacher in correcting some of the extra-curricular homework (up to 4 teaching hours/week), and carries out regular class assignment commentary (1 teaching hour/3 week), and the doctoral student’s English assistant assists the teacher in teaching. Teachers conduct after-class case analysis and discussion demonstration tutoring (up to 3 teaching hours/week), and regularly participate in class discussions (1 teaching hour/week).

4. Assist the English Teaching Department of Graduate Students in the school of Foreign Languages to provide guidance for Postgraduates in extracurricular activities, such as revision of English speech contest manuscripts, oral English coaching of contests, etc. (about 8 teaching hours).


Candidate qualifications:

The number of teaching assistants is about 20, and the applicants must be overseas graduate students studying in our university. Postgraduates who violate discipline, fail in exams or exceed the length of their studies are not allowed to apply. Applicants are not allowed to apply for assistants and other teaching assistants set up by the school at the same time.

1. Have strong interest and enthusiasm to be a postgraduate English teaching assistant.

2. Have a good ability in English academic writing and strong communication skills.

3. Have an accurate English pronunciation intonation, make sure that you have Basic English grammar skills, and can speak English fluently, accurately and naturally without the obvious bad language habits.

4. Currently in China

Besides, the person who has International exchange experience will be given priority.

Application process:

Join the WeChat group through the code shared in the attachment

1. The applicant fills in the Application Form for Postgraduate English Teaching Assistant at Jiangsu University (Annex 1). The instructor signs the application form and submits it to 213 A International Education affairs office of Graduate School before October 3, 2022. (The opinions of the lecturer, the institute where the curriculum is located and the graduate school will not be filled in for the time being.)

2. The English Teaching Department of Graduate School and Foreign Languages Institute will organize an interview and selection of the overseas graduate students who applied for teaching assistants. The time and Date for the interview will be informed later in WeChat group.

After evaluation, a few students will be commended with an “Excellent postgraduate English teaching assistant” at the end of the semester.

Attachment 1: Application form for recruitment Of English Teaching assistants