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June 23, 2022

Job Description


Welcome to join Beijing Institute of Technology

Founded in 1940, BIT has been one of the key universities in China since the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the first batch of universities which has been listed in the national “211 Project”, “985 Project” and the “Top A World-class University”.

Global Recruitment System

Beijing Institute of Technology implements a “Tenure-track Professor—Tenured Professor—Dedicated Professor” recruitment system, which is in line with international academic standards and the university strategy. BIT is now recruiting senior academic fellows in and young scholars from all over the world.

Dynamic Faculty Development Mechanism

Based on the layout of the academic disciplines, following the paths of talent growth, BIT plans to build a number of innovation research centers and young scientists’ studios, provids long-term and stable inclined support and full autonomy in the allocation of human, financial and material resources in a way of “case by case” discussion and supports on demand.

(17 national teaching/research experimental platforms; 75 provincial and ministerial level teaching /research platforms; 23 school-level public platforms)

Sufficient Welfare and Benefits

  • 1. BIT would provide sufficient start-up grant for scientific research according to the corresponding positions. BIT would give priority to support in the lab and office, team building, doctoral / Master graduate enrollment in consideration with the actual teaching and research demands.
  • 2. BIT adheres to the first-class academic standards to recruit the talents, provides internationally competitive salary with long-term pay progression.
  • 3. BIT provides housing subsidies according to the corresponding positions and assists in finding temporary housing.
  • 4. BIT provides assistance in school or kindergarten access for children of the new faculty members.


Dedicated positions: Including Outstanding Professors, Chair Professors and Distinguished Professors.

  • Academic leaders with outstanding academic attainments.
  • Significant achievements recognized by international peers in their research fields.
  • Capabilities to catch up with or surpass the international academic frontier, and to lead an academic team in key academic areas.

Tenured positions: Including Tenured Professors and Tenured Associate Professors.

  • Recognized as a leading academics in his/her own academic fields;
  • Significant achievements and influence among peers;
  • Great potential for innovation and development.

Tenure-track positions: Including Tenure-track Professors, Tenure-track Associate Professors and Tenure-track Assistant Professors.

  • With Ph.D. from world-leading universities with a good academic background and achievements.
  • Tenure-track Professors, no more than 38 years old.
  • Tenure-track Associate Professors, no more than 35 years old.
  • Tenure-Track Assistant Professors, no more than 32 years old.

Postdoctoral researcher:

  • With Ph.D. obtained during the past 3 years with a good academic background, great potential for innovation and development.
  • Capabilities to conduct research on his/her own.
  • No more than 35 years old.

To apply & contact us:

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Academic Positions Contact information
Tenure-track Professor/Tenured Professor/Dedicated Professor Contact: Jiang Minwei, Zhang Miao

Tel: +86 10 68914243 Email: bitzhaopin@bit.edu.cn

Postdoctoral researcher Contact: Huang Mei, Zhang Ju

Tel: +86 10 68914539 Email: bitpostdoctor@bit.edu.cn

Ⅱ:Apply online: http://rszhaopin.bit.edu.cn/zp.html#/

Ⅲ:Please scan the QR codes for further information

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