Assistant/Associate Professor in Chinese Language and Culture Centre

April 3, 2024

Job Description

Job Description:

UIC now invites candidates for this position which is expected to
be filled in September 2024: Candidates with expertise in the following areas:
Fields in the humanities and social sciences, such as Chinese literature,
Chinese history, Chinese philosophy, History of the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP), History of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Marxism, Philosophy,
Politics, and Economics (PPE), Sociology, and more.

Job Requirement

1. Possess a Ph.D.
in a relevant field of humanities and social sciences.;

2. Have very good
English language skills and the ability to teach courses either Chinese or English;

3. Candidates should
have a PhD degree in a related discipline. Successful candidates are capable of
teaching University Chinese, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, as well as
Free Elective courses and are expected be committed to excellence in teaching
at undergraduate or postgraduate levels.

4. Preference will
be given to candidates with demonstrable ability to undertake independent
research leading to outcomes with a strong impact, such as publication in high
quality, internationally recognized, indexed journals and scholarly presses.
Academic rank will be determined in accordance with successful candidate’s
experience and accomplishments;

5. Contribute to
curriculum design, development of teaching materials, and other related tasks.
Engage in research, teaching, and cultural activities within the college.
Exhibit a strong sense of responsibility and collaboration.

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