Branding Director (North American & Asia market)

October 8, 2022
¥30,000 - ¥50,000 / month
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Job Description

Job Description and Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the research, analysis, and segmentation of the North American&Asia market. Ability to observe, analyze and gain insight into competitor behavior and market trends. Make regular market forecasts for company decisions and participate in product planning and GTM strategy development.
2. Responsible for product marketing and branding, developing marketing communication strategies for the market based on company strategy.
3. Integrate project execution plan and schedule planning by following the marketing strategy of the headquarter and the region (NA &APAC).
4. Direct and manage internal and external resources, lead the overall project strategy, integrated marketing plan, and execution.
5. Work cross-functionally with both internal and external stakeholders, strong communication skills in project execution.
6. Responsible for overall strategic planning and project operation management, including project quality, schedule, budget, team leadership, etc.
7. Sales tracking and marketing campaign execution during product launch.

Education and Experience Requirements
1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with overseas study, living and working experience in North America is preferred.
2. More than five years of experience in branding and marketing in the consumer electronics industry is preferred.
3. With experience in completing marketing cases or projects, strong marketing communication skills are preferred. Preferred has local social media and KOL resources in North America & Asia.
4. Strong analytical skills and inter-departmental communication skills.