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March 10, 2022

Job Description



As a university jointly established by Beijing Municipality and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and a pilot university of the “Excellent Engineer Training Program” of the Ministry of Education, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA) is the cradle training planners, designers, and architects. It is also the only architecture university in Beijing, the only university with an advanced innovation center in the field of urban design in China, and the only university with the talent training system offering programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and post doctorate level in the field of architectural heritage protection in China.

Based on the urgent need of talents, BUCEA sincerely invites you to build a high-level, open, and innovative university with distinct architectural features that is first-rate in China and renowned in the world.


A century-old university serving national and Beijing major strategic needs

During its 110 years of school running, BUCEA has always shared the fate of the country and the nation, and formed the spirit of “patriotic dedication, perseverance, honesty and simplicity, daring to be the first” and the motto of “seeking truth from facts, striving for excellence”. It has trained more than 70,000 excellent graduates for the country and cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, including 11 winning such titles as National Engineering Survey and Design Masters, National Labor Medal Winner and Beijing Craftsmen. At present, about 70% of the technical and management professionals in the field of urban construction in Beijing are graduates from BUCEA.


BUCEA has always been active in the major projects covering the “Top Ten Buildings in Beijing” at the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Beijing Asian Games, the Olympic Games, and the Winter Olympics, and the construction of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center and the Xiong’an New Area. In recent years, BUCEA has been focusing on serving the implementation of the general plan, core area control plan and sub-center control plan of Beijing. Starting from top-level design, it has established special teams to serve the functional positioning of the capital and released the “Ten Action Plans to Serve the Functional Positioning of the Capital”. In terms of innovated mechanisms, it has integrated into regional development and formed strategic cooperation with 8 districts, 8 committees and bureaus, and 18 leading enterprises’ party organizations to set up 5 laboratories jointly established by university and local government to further form the resultant force for government-industry-university-research cooperation.

A discipline leader leading the professional system with unique architectural features

BUCEA has implemented the project of “construction of first-class disciplines” to highlight its leading position of discipline construction and formed a number of special subject areas, scientific research directions and innovation teams with comparative advantages in China, represented by architectural heritage protection, urban and rural planning and architectural design, urban transportation infrastructure and underground engineering, sponge city construction, modern urban mapping, solid waste resource technology, green building and energy-saving technology, intelligent construction and smart city, etc. It was approved as a doctoral-granting unit, and the disciplines of architecture and civil engineering were approved as first-level discipline doctoral-granting programs. With all the professional disciplines related to the field of architecture in a general manner, a professional system with unique characteristics of BUCEA and architecture has formed. BUCEA ranks among the first 1% in the world in the research filed of Engineering according to ESI(Essential Science Indicators). Three disciplines are selected into advanced innovation disciplines of Beijing universities.


With the trial talent training mechanism of “professional education +general education + innovation and entrepreneurship education”, BUCEA has 12 national first-class major construction points of the “Double Ten-Thousand Plan”, and won the first prize of national teaching achievements. The disciplines of architecture and civil engineering received B results in the 4th round of China Discipline Ranking by the Ministry of Education, and BUCEA is selected as one of “TOP50 Universities in China for Employment” and “National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Education Base”. The university has proposed the initiative of establishing the Belt and Road Architectural University International Consortium (BRAUIC), and now 64 universities from 27 countries have joined the Consortium, building a broad platform for training high-quality international talents.

A high-end platform fostering high-level scientific research achievements

BUCEA is home to 28 provincial- and ministerial-level platforms, including the Province-Ministry Collaborative Innovation Center for Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction and Sustainable Urban and Rural Development, and the Large Multifunctional Shaking Table Matrix Laboratory has achieved international leadership in many performance indicators. Driven by scientific and technological innovation, it has established three new institutions, including the Research and Technology Development Institute, the International Development Research Institute, and the Culture Development Research Institute, having released the “Research Program on Science and Technology Innovation for Future Cities of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (2020-2035)” and “Ten Measures of Scientific Innovation” to strengthen the organization model of large scientific research and explore the implementation of the system of “competition for the best candidates, well-managed research facilities , & chief PI in charge” and so on. BUCEA has promoted the development of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Urban Design with high quality, having built a shared data platform of Urban Big Data Application Research Center. Focusing on two fields of urban renewal and future architectural technologies, BUCEA has established the Institute of Urban Renewal, the Institute of Architecture Brain, and the Carbon Neutral Joint Innovation Center, to focus on solution to the cardinal problems of urban safety, resilience, wisdom, and green development. BUCEA has received “High-Tech-Based Winter Olympics” Funding under the 2021 China’s National Key R&D Program. In the past five years, BUCEA has won 15 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and Technical Invention Awards, 1UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award. The total research expenditure has reached 1.45 billion yuan, making BUCEA one of the best among the municipal universities of Beijing in terms of research strength.


Introduction and training at the same time to build high-level teaching teams

BUCEA deeply promotes the strategy of “developing universities with talents”, implements “high-end talents introduction and training plan”, “discipline leader development plan”, “young teacher training and support plan” and “twin towers plan” to promote the comprehensive reform of personnel system, and build a closed-loop system for high-level talents introduction and training. Based on the core of serving talent development, BUCEA has built a hierarchical development platform and a closed-loop working system throughout all links of talent introduction and training that matches with talent characteristics, represents talent value, and stimulate talent vigor. With talents all over the world, BUCEA has a high-level teaching team that is excellent in structure quality, consisting of 1162 teaching and administrative staff, including 739 full-time teachers, 13 national talents, 110 provincial and ministerial-level talents. Among them, 4 professors are selected in the list of World’s Top 2% Scientists and 2 professors are named 2020 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers.


II.Positions and Specific Requirements 

1.Dean and deputy dean


2.Discipline head and laboratory director


III.Salary & Benefits.





1. Salary

BUCEA offers a competitive salary system with room for development. The wages and benefits of the employed staff will be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of public institutions in China and Beijing. According to the academic achievements, the employed staff enjoys an annual salary ranging from 450,000 to 2,000,000 yuan, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

2.Start-up fund

BUCEA provides 3-year research start-up funds for outstanding talents who meet the conditions of high-level talents, with a total funding of about 500,000 to 3 million yuan. For talents who are especially outstanding the details are open to discussion.

3. Development platform

BUCEA provides the support of abundant and high-level scientific research platforms.

4. Housing

BUCEA provides 3-year turnover houses for the outstanding talents who meet our qualifications, houses with property rights for academicians and high-level talents with the same level of academic achievements, and the settling-in allowance of 500,000 to 4 million yuan to other high-level talents.

5. Service for life

BUCEA assists non-Beijing household talents who meet the requirements for settlement and their families to apply for household registration in Xicheng District, Beijing.

6. School admission for children

BUCEA recommends the children of high-level talents to attend the Primary School Affiliated to Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (in Xicheng District) and the Middle School Affiliated to Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

IV. Application Procedure

Send the scanning copy of relevant personal materials to the designated email address, which should include:

1. Resume and valid identification.

2. Academic certificate and diploma, professional and technical post certificate, and certification of foreign (overseas) academic degrees issued by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange for the applicants who obtained their degrees overseas.

3. Information on representative academic achievements: catalog of published papers, scientific research projects undertaken, reward for teaching and scientific research, patents and conversions, personal honors and talent titles, full electronic versions of representative academic works, other supporting materials for achievements, etc.

4. Other materials that prove the administrative level, important certificates of personal or subordinate work, etc. (Note “Position+Name” in the email subject)





BUCEA welcomes domestic and overseas high-level talents on a regular basis.

Contact: Mr. Gao, Ms. Ma

Contact information:




[email protected]

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