Call for Teaching Assistant – "TNT for Communicating in English with Confidence" Core Competencies C..

February 10, 2024

Job Description

Title Call for Teaching Assistant – “TNT for Communicating in English with Confidence” Core Competencies Course (EMI course) for Semester 112-2
Office ntu–Center for General Education

TIME 2024/1/30 上午 10:10:57

Content The General Education Center at National Taiwan University is pleased to announce the opening for the position of Teaching Assistant (TA) for the course ” TNT for Communicating in English with Confidence ” in the upcoming Semester 112-1. This course will be conducted entirely in English.

Please find below the details of the position:

1.Eligibility: The position is open to currently enrolled graduate or
 undergraduate students at National Taiwan University. Please note:
 non-Taiwanese citizens are required to hold a valid work permit for
 Taiwan and should not be short-term exchange students.
2.Applicants should have proficiency in computer operations, a strong
 sense of responsibility, and excellent English communication skills. Applicants with prior experience in English teaching (or as a teaching assistant)will be given preference.
3.Class Schedule: The course will be held on Thursday during 14:20-
4.Work Hours: The expected workload is approximately 7 hours per week,
 including attending classes (3 hours), assisting with course
 preparation(about 2 hours), and handling course-related matters and
 student affairs(about 2 hours).

Job Responsibilities:

1.Assisting the instructor in preparing course materials and
 maintaining the course webpage at NTU COOL.
2.Attending all classes and conducting weekly attendance checks and
 managing student leave requests.
3.Assisting students with assigned videos.
4.Facilitating and moderating weekly group discussions (conducted
 entirely in English)during each class, guiding
 discussions, and recording student participation accordingly.
6.Providing academic support and guidance to students.
7.Assisting the instructor with grade calculations.

Interested candidates should send an email to the instructor, Dr. I-Fan Lin(, including their CV and a personal statement in English, as well as relevant documents such as academic transcripts. Also, state the reason why you want to be hired in this position. After a thorough review of the applications, selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

Remuneration: Monthly compensation will be provided in accordance with the NTU Teaching Assistant Guidelines.

Please note: Candidates who have not yet acquired the necessary Teaching Assistant (TA) qualifications at NTU must attend the Teaching Assistant Certification Workshop, organized by the NTU Teaching Development Center at the start of the semester, to obtain the essential certification.
*Those who took this class before have the higher priority to get the position.

Reader Faculty/Staff, Student, Others

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