Calling for Application! Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School Global Recruitment

March 14, 2024

Job Description


Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (Tsinghua SIGS) was launched in March 2019. As Tsinghua University’s sole campus located outside of Beijing. Tsinghua SIGS is a further expansion and integration of the Tsinghua Graduate School at Shenzhen (GSST) and the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI).

Our mission is to reshape graduate education as well as research and development to better serve local, national, regional, and global sustainable development. Tsinghua SIGS will nurture the next generations of global leaders, tackle global challenges through international collaborations, and facilitate interdisciplinary research and industrial partnerships.

Scholars with extensive international academic influence recognized by international peers. Professors with special achievements in top Universities.

Tenured professors or associate professors from universities at home and abroad, or high-level talents of considerable level from research institutions at home and abroad; have achieved internationally recognized academic achievements in his/her field of study; have profound scientific literacy and broad academic vision, and excellent organizational leadership ability.

Hold formal teaching or research positions in universities, research institutions, or enterprises at home and abroad; have achieved outstanding academic achievements in his/her field, with outstanding innovation ability, and a potential to become an academic or technological leader in his/her respective field.


How to Apply

1. Materials Science

Recruiting Fields: Biomedical materials and devices, material design and computation, information functional materials and devices, low-dimensional materials and devices, energy materials and devices

Contact: Mr. WANG,, +86-0755-86546252

2. Data Science and Information Technology

Recruiting Fields: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, IoT and Smart City, Robotics, Transportation and Logistics, Photonics and Circuit Systems, Advanced Manufacturing, including (but not limited to): Computer Architecture, Programming Language, Compiler, Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Optical Wireless Communication, Integrated Sensing and Communication, Underwater Wireless Communication, Optical Computing, Intelligent Signal Processing and Multimedia, Intelligent Decision-Making and Management, Intelligent Optimization and Control, Intelligent Navigation, Intelligent Detection and Diagnosis, Digital Twin and Human-Computer Interaction, Energy Internet, Microwave Photonic Devices, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management

Contact: Ms. ZHAO,,+86-0755-26928413

3. Biopharmaceutical and Health Engineering

Recruiting Fields: Health engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, vaccine engineering, and cell engineering

Contact: Ms. WANG,, +86-0755-86720376

4. Ocean Engineering

Recruiting Fields: Deep sea engineering, coastal engineering and technology, marine ecological environment, and marine electronic information

Contact: Ms. LIU,, +86-0755-26036112

5. Future Human Habitats

Recruiting Fields: Global Innovation Center on Design Thinking for Future Human Habitats, Future Urban Science and Supporting Technology System, Digital Architecture and Intelligent Construction, Innovation Center for Humanity Technology of Future Human Habitats

Contact: Ms. HOU,, +86-0755-26038619

6. Environment and Ecology

Recruiting Fields: Solid Waste Management and Utilization, Carbon-Neutral Biological Treatment and Recycling of Wastewater, Marine Pollution Control and Ecological Protection, Health Effects and Environmental Risk of Emerging Contaminant, Environmental Systems Analysis and Data Sciences, Environmental Policy Management and Economy, Dual Carbon and Future Climate Change, Urban Water Supply and Drainage Systems

Contact: Ms. WAN,, +86-0755-86540644

7. Innovation Management

Recruiting Fields: Fin Tech, digital economy, innovation & entrepreneurship, Greater Bay Area and national development

Contact: Ms. HOU,, +86-010-62771768


Please send the following application documents (in English) to relevant academic area contact person via e-mail with the subject line “Application for Faculty Position in XX area at Tsinghua SIGS.

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Tsinghua SIGS Faculty Application Form ( )
  3. Research/Teaching/Service Statement
  4. PDF copies of 3 to 5 representative publications
  5. Arrange 3-5 reference letters sent from renowned experts in related fields (the letters must be emailed to directly and they can be sent after the invitation letter is received)