College ESL Teacher in Guangzhou

Job Description

South China Business College

Recruitment Notice of South China Business College, Full-time Foreign English Teacher Needed (Fall 2022)

Job Description

1. Teaching English courses including English Communication, English Listening and Reading Practice, English Newspapers and Magazines, English Listening & Speaking Practice etc.
2. Full-time Teaching position, you will give up to 16 teaching hours per week. For most weeks, you will have about 12-14 classes. Office hour is not required.
3. Contract duration: one year, full-time, those who pass the evaluation can be renewed

Salary and Benefits

  • 1. Monthly salary: 15,000 RMB/month for bachelor’s degree holder, 17,000 for master’s degree holder or higher
  • 2. Annual airfare allowance: No allowance for the first year. RMB 8,000 from the second year and after
  • 3. Vacation: Fully paid winter vacation; fully paid summer vacation if you renew your contract for another academic year.
  • 4. Residence: Well-equipped apartment on campus, which is provided by the college. Rent and Internet fees are borne by the college. The electricity and water bills are borne by the teachers themselves.
  • 5. Medical and insurance: The school provides medical protection for teachers in accordance with the school’s medical system. 80% reimbursement covered for outpatient visits in the college hospital. In addition, the college purchases six types of insurance for teachers, including accidental injury insurance, accident cost compensation insurance, fixed-rate hospitalization medical insurance, life insurance, critical illness insurance, and hospitalization expense compensation insurance.
  • 6. Additional vacation: In addition to vacations according to Chinese legal holidays, school holidays. Teachers can also enjoy the holidays of their home country: two days for Christmas, three days for Kulbang, and one day for Songkran.

Foreign Teachers Activity

2019 Christmas Party at South China Business College
College Invite Foreign Teacher to Cantonese Dim Sum




Note that we are only looking for teachers who are residing in China due to international travel restriction.

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