Current vacancies at ISA Tianhe International School, China

October 3, 2022

Job Description

Today in a smaller yet more competitive global world we are preparing students for careers that often do not exist today. We are developing innovators who enjoy collaborating with their peers. ISA has a focus on leadership skills for all students. All students at ISA will graduate as global citizens with an awareness and willingness to interact and be involved in their local and wider communities. As part of the holistic experience at ISA students will have the opportunity to develop as lifelong learners who appreciate the Arts and enjoy participating and collaborating in sport with a strong focus on healthy living. We have a strong focus on STEM, Math and Science at all levels.

By fusing international and Chinese educational thinking, practices and traditions, ISA creates a new model of high-quality, holistic education which prepares students for lifelong learning, and a rich and self-fulfilling future.

A Balanced ISA Education Emphasises:

A Holistic Approach

Focusing on a comprehensive learning journey, there is a balanced set of learning dimensions: academic, pastoral, and cocurricular which are often integrated. We focus on the ‘Whole Child’ – his or her intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.

Lifelong Learning

Focusing on student motivation, individual differences, learner-centred approaches, metacognition and student wellbeing, students learn the skills of learning and they develop a love of learning that stays with them for their entire lives.

Global-mindedness & Connections

Focusing on learning English, Chinese and Mother-tongue languages, appreciating the values beneath the cultures of others, connecting every day with people from other cultures, and engaging in international travel, study and immersion activities, all broaden students’ cultural horizons and prepare them for an increasingly connected world.

The Building of Community

Focusing on positive relationships between the school and parents ensure as close an alignment as possible between the values of parents and the strategic intent and operation of the school. It also involves positive and fruitful relationships with educational organisations, providers of specialist services, designers and architects, government departments, foreign consulates, and chambers of commerce, private companies, and NGOs.

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