Data and Intelligence Team Lead Shanghai

Job Description

Job Accountabilities:

Data Strategy Development

  • Develop data strategy for overall Lube organization to enable Volume and C3 Growth,  improve E2E operation efficiency and develop new business model leveraging data asset.

Data Service Delivery

  • Develop Data Solution across different LOBs and diverse value chain players to generate business value.
  • Collaborate with business team to implement data solution and applications, acquire proper resource and drive execution focus
  • Develop user-friendly data product to enable users to access right data in anytime and anywhere.
  • Deliver customized data analysis for management team to identify business growth and operation efficiency opportunities.
  • Provide data service via standard API to different applications in China Lube
  • Define key data governance rules and lead implementation.

Data Infrastructure Construction

  • Collaborate with global IT for data infrastructure development in an cost-effective way.
  • Lead Lube One-Data Platform development as integrated data lake.

Data Capability Development for Organization especially in data analytics skills and data mindset.

What we need from you?

  • Solid experience in digital transformation and new business model development.
  • Strong strategic thinking and problem solving skilling equipped with high data sensitivity
  • Comprehensive Knowledge in business operation including Marketing and Sales, Finance and Supply Chain.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and able to build constructive relationship with key stakeholders both internal and external.
  • Open Minded, Courage to take calculated risk, Strong Initiative and Ownership.
  • Experience to incubate digital product from 0-1, roll out in scale and generate proven business value would be proffered.

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