Director of Enrollment Management

October 12, 2022

Job Description

Position Title:       Director of Enrollment Management
Division:               Administration
Supervisor:          Assistant Head of School – PA
Position Summary:
The Director of Enrollment Management supervises the work of the Enrollment Management Team and is responsible for providing customers and prospective customers year-round, best-in-class service, gathering and distributing information about school events, activities, and changes in processes to the Admissions team, overseeing the enrollment, admission and registrar records, and ensuring compliance with Shanghai Education Commission regulations as related to admissions and enrollment processes.
▪       Bachelor’s degree
▪       Master’s Degree
▪       3-5 years of management and/or leadership in admissions
▪       Previous experience working in an admissions office
▪       Previous experience managing a small, multi-cultural team
▪       Teaching background
▪       Previous expatriate experience
▪       Experience with technologies that optimize the admissions process
      Spiritual Leader
▪       Demonstrates moral integrity, honesty, kindness, faithfulness
▪       Models a Christian faith walk
▪       Models servant leadership characteristics
▪       Is collegial and contributing member of the school wide community
Mission Centered-Vision Focused
▪       Takes personal ownership in fulfilling the mission
▪       Can “see” the future and articulate, plan, and execute next steps
  •     Demonstrates a positive, optimistic, can-do attitude
    •    Demonstrates a passion for teacher and student success
Team Focused
▪       Respectful of all, builds people up, is equitable in relationships
▪       Is transparent, flexible, and adaptable
▪       Demonstrates commitment to school improvement
▪       Works collaboratively with all in the school and community
▪           Advocates and nurtures a positive school culture conducive to student learning and teacher growth
Management Competence
▪         Manages resources to provide a productive environment for learning
▪         Demonstrates ability to see the big picture and to break large tasks into small, achievable components
▪       Clearly communicates, both orally and in written form, to a diverse group of cultures and in diverse        settings
▪         Demonstrates proficiency in required technology
Job Specific Expectations
▪    Provide customers and prospective customers year-round, best-in-class service
o    Ensure that the department positively presents itself as the customers’ first point of contact with Concordia
o    Ensure campus visits are executed thoroughly and professionally and are followed up by timely  and clear communication
o    Ensure that touchpoints for potential families and newly admitted families are followed up by the admissions team
o    Direct the admissions process working closely with the Leadership Team
o    Lead the application, acceptance/denial, and waitlist/enrollment/withdrawal process for students and their families
o    Meet admissions targets set in conjunction with the Leadership Team
o    Develop strategies for retention of current students
o    Provide statistical updates  weekly(applications, enrollment, withdrawals) to the Leadership Team
o    Provide statistical updates and historical perspective for the monthly board report
o    Develop and monitor student admissions data to make informed strategic decisions
o    Develop professionally within the position by attending and presenting at conferences held internationally
o    Use data collected by Enrollment Management specialist to report out to senior administration and Board of Directors
o    Coordinate with the marketing department to understand who our new families are
o    Coordinate P-12 new student orientation, late arrivals, second semester, returning family welcome in August
o    Coordinate and/or present at parent connects, info sessions, fairs, school events, etc.
▪    Manage a small team for high performance
o    Motivate the enrollment management team to consistently provide quick, knowledgeable and enthusiastic customer service
o    Ensure all members of the admissions team are functioning effectively and working towards their professional goals
o    In cooperation with the Assistant Head of School, replace staff as needed following school procedures
▪    Enrollment management and registrar
o    Facilitate admission committee meetings when needed
o    Review all files and ensure admission standards are strictly followed
o    Ensure that Care Track and ELL admitted students are accounted for on document and shared with appropriate leadership
o    Meet with perspective parents when students are admitted under Care Track, and message conditions by letter of agreement
o    Liaise with Director of MarCom for promotional materials and activities
o    Ensure appropriate student record collection and maintenance (hard and soft copies)
▪    Compile and maintain statistics related to student body.
▪     Liaise with the major companies and relocation groups both in Shanghai and internationally
▪    Ensure compliance with Shanghai Education Commission regulations regarding attendance
limited to children of foreign personnel living/working in China
▪    Other duties as assigned