Educational Technology Coordinator

September 25, 2022

Job Description

Job Title:
Educational Technology Coordinator (SHPX2324-04)
Posted Date: 09/15/2022 Expiration Date: 07/31/2023
Location: YCIS – Shanghai(Puxi) (Shanghai Puxi SEC) # of Openings: 1
Effective From: Other(08/01/2023)
Job Description: Reporting to the campus-leadership team, the Education Technology Coordinator and STEAM Teacher is responsible for the implementation, articulation, and communication of the Organisation’s technology programmein YCIS Shanghai Puxi Primary and ECE. The coordinator oversees the integration of technology into year-level planning while also liaising with the school’s IT technicians to ensure sufficient infrastructure support. Additionally, the coordinator is responsible for the STEAM programme in the Primary and ECE, teaching classes, implementing, promoting and supporting STEAM learning experiences, events and training for staff.

The Technology Coordinator…
• Communicates the Organisation’s vision for technology
• Identifies the needs of schools and thus designs and delivers necessary professional development to various audiences.
• Develops appropriate short and long-term internal policies that reflect the reality of the school.
• Works closely with teachers and students to model safe and effective technology use.
• Works closely with the Senior Technology Officer of Education Technology to maintain a clear understanding of the Organisation’s Education Technology mission and vision.
• Consults with SLT on purchasing decisions, ensuring that the budget is spent is accordance with the mission and vision of the technology policy framework.
• Assisting all year-levels in effectively integrating technology in the learning communities.
• Works closely with the IT Division to ensure appropriate and efficient infrastructure support.
• Coordinates technical support for staff and students.
• Establish clear and thorough digital safeguarding measures for all students.
• Design a universal acceptable-use policy that is continuously updated and ratified by the Senior Leadership Team.
• Develop and maintain a clear, 21st century Digital Citizenship model for all students.
• Review new software and hardware developments in education.

Our Organisation must emphasise that teaching and learning are at the heart of the EdTech Coordinator’s role, as the effective integration of technology is what impacts students the most in 21st century schools.

IT infrastructure must be sufficient enough to support the technology plan of each school, therefore it is imperative that the EdTech Coordinator work closely with Heads of IT and the technical team within each school. This relationship must be strong and share the same goal: improve the quality of teaching and learning when using technology.

The role of the EdTech Coordinator and STEAM Teacher involves the following major foci:

Teaching and Learning:
Ensure the integration of technology enhances teaching and learning.

Technology Planning and Budgeting:
Working with the CLT and SLT to purchase resources, equipment, and services that best reflect the school’s technology plan.

Administrative Computing:
Govern the academic and support software that manages the everyday teaching and learning of school.

Supporting Technology Integration:
Technical and pedagogical support for teachers within the school.

Infrastructure Support:
Cooperating and liaising with the school’s IT team to ensure the smooth operation of hardware.

Technology Leadership:
Sustain continuing digital improvement across the school. Provide ample training for educators and staff to maintain quality teaching and learning in schools using technological resources.

Teach and provide support and training to other teachers to teach, classes that embed STEAM as a focus or an integration, promote STEAM activities, events and practices by applying learning to solving real-life problems like those highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Job Requirements: B.Ed., teaching certification or higher. EdTech and/or STEAM specialist teaching experience or certification. Evidence of EdTech and STEAM professional development.

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