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April 2, 2024

Job Description


BASIS International School Hangzhou is seeking qualified candidates for an ELL Teacher – Primary School for the 2024-2025 school year!Are you an experienced educator looking to grow your career with an established and high-achieving school network? Apply now for our ELL Teacher position with BASIS International School Hangzhou.  
Why BASIS International Schools?     BASIS International & Bilingual Schools is a rapidly growing network of schools in China with a tradition of academic excellence and rigor. Our first school opened in Shenzhen in 2015 and since then we have opened schools in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and Wuhan, with two new schools coming in Shenzhen in 2024.     Our graduates have been accepted into some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world, including Princeton, Oxford, Cornell, Imperial College London, MIT, University of Toronto, Johns Hopkins, and many more—with an overall acceptance of nearly 100% to Top 50 U.S. universities.  
As an ELL Teacher you will work with both teachers and students to support academic and social English language development. When working with teachers you will provide instructional expertise on the integration of ELL best practices into everyday classroom environments. You will use English Language Proficiency assessments and progress monitoring tools to develop, implement and monitor comprehensive ELL programs. Programs involve push in/pull out, small group, and individual student support.
Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:Advocate for the academic and personal/social needs of English Language Learners.Monitor the academic progress for all ELL studentsIdentify students who require intensive English Language support and determine the level and nature of services for each student. Support classroom teachers in implementing ELL instructional best practices that support the rigor of the BASIS Curriculum.Provide intervention and support within the classroom (especially Literacy and STEM related courses)Plan and collaborate with teachers to design and implement engaging cross-curricular instruction that leads to English language fluency in all content areas.Attend weekly planning sessions with classroom teachers to support lesson planning, projects, and small group instruction. Suggest accommodations and appropriate lesson structures to support ELL students.Conduct, organize, and analyze on-going assessments of student performance using multiple assessment tools.Assist and support the development of a successful learning environment for ELL students in each classroom by providing school-wide training around language acquisition, planning needs and learning goals, differentiated instruction, and classroom practices that support student success.Model best teaching practices for teachers with the goal of developing their capacity to support specialized instruction, differentiation, and classroom accommodations to support ELL students.Assist the development of curriculum to support ELL learners and facilitate their access to the world-class education offered by BASIS International Schools.Meet regularly with School Directors and other professionals as needed to discuss student progress and the performance of ELLs.Attend parent-teacher conferences as needed in support of ELLs.

Work Experience
A Bachelor’s degree in your teaching subject. Many of our teachers hold multiple advanced degrees in their field. For Elementary and Early Education positions, a degree in this or related field is acceptable and/or encouraged.  A minimum of two years teaching experience as the lead teacher of record in a classroom. This is a requirement for you to obtain a working visa.  An eagerness and willingness to collaborate with and elevate teaching colleagues. Our teachers come from all over the world and bring a wide variety of curricular backgrounds and experience. We seek to utilize this diversity to grow and learn from each other.  High academic standards and a desire to make a difference in the rigor of international education.  
Preferred Qualifications: Subject matter postgraduate work (Master’s or Ph.D.) is preferred or a combination of subject matter undergraduate degree with a Master’s in Education. Knowledge of Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) vs Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) is preferred. Knowledge of WIDA/LAS Links assessments or other language assessments. Expertise in structured English language immersion programs (SIOP) is highly preferred.Together with a high level of educational attainment, a successful applicant will demonstrate strong communication skills in teaching ideas, texts, and concepts with precision and confidence. Critically, an applicant must possess a high GPA in his/her major, excellent recommendations, experience working with children and be open to new ideas in teaching.

Our benefits package and teacher support are nearly unrivaled in schools in China. Expatriate teachers with BASIS International & Bilingual Schools China receive:     Competitive salary (dependent upon education and experience)  Global health coverage (including U.S. for American citizens)  Provided accommodation or housing allowance  Annual retirement benefit  Paid travel to and from China at start and end of contract  Annual travel allowance  Moving allowance  Free school meals  Assistance in obtaining your visa  Ability to transfer within our network at the end of your contract     We also offer extensive HR support beginning when you accept a position with us. Our HR and Operations teams will provide tremendous guidance and assistance in obtaining your visa, travel arrangements, housing, residence permit, and more.     Beyond this though, our promise to you is you will be a better educator when you leave BASIS International Schools. Through intentional and continued professional development and coaching, we nurture teaching excellence and innovation not just for the betterment of our students, but our teachers as well. This development can mean career acceleration over the years, whether you desire to become a teacher mentor or a school administrator.  

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