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March 29, 2024

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UESTC Qingshuihe Campus, Chengdu, China



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Language, Writing & Culture

电子科技大学格拉斯哥学院成立于 2013 年1月,实施经教育部批准、由电子科技大学与世界百强名校英国格拉斯哥大学强强联手举办的“电子信息工程”、“通信工程”、“微电子科学与工程”等专业本科教育项目。
学院教育贯穿世界名校先进的教育理念,采用格拉斯哥大学的教学大纲、课程设计、考试内容等优势资源。学院在电子信息等领域,依托双方学校的优质教育资源,运用启发式、研究型教学模式,探索创新拔尖应用技术人才培养新途径,旨在提升学生的创新思维能力,培养具有国际视野和国际竞争力,并具有高度社会责任感的世界 IT 业和工程界的优秀人才。为进一步增强学院的英语教学水平,切实提高学生的英语能力和跨文化交际能力,格拉斯哥学院特成立语言支持中心,支撑学院的英语教学。根据学院英语教学计划,现向海内外诚聘外籍学术英语教师。
Glasgow College, UESTC is a joint educational institute, established in 2013 by University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) and the University of Glasgow (UoG). The College offers dual undergraduate degrees in Electronic Information Engineering, Communications Engineering, and Microelectronics (taught and assessed in English).
English language (EL) provision is an integral part of the programme and is credit-bearing. The EL programme currently delivers teaching to approximately 1000 undergraduate students in the first 2 academic years of their degree. We provide an integrated CPD programme designed and delivered by University of Glasgow teacher educators. We also offer opportunities in areas such as curriculum and syllabus development, materials writing, assessment work and teacher education.
We seek to recruit outstanding professionals in EAP teaching to join us for course delivery and EL programme development.
I.    招聘岗位/Position
全职学术英语教师/ English Language/EAP Teachers (Full-time posts)

II. 岗位职责/Duties and Responsibilities
1.每周最多20教学学时A maximum of 20 teaching hours per week (each teaching hour = 45mins)
2. 教学准备和常规备课会
Teaching preparation and regular lesson planning meetings
3. 进行学生考核,并按要求提供书面反馈
Conduct assessments and provide written feedback as required
4. 参与教学研讨会议及职业发展培训
Participate in teaching seminars and professional development training
5. 必要协调与行政工作,如课程协调、材料校对和招生支持等
Necessary coordination and administrative work, such as course coordination, materials proofreading, and student enrollment support

III. 招聘条件/Qualifications

1. 研究生学历Postgraduate degree

2. 相关教学证书
DELTA/CELTA/TESOL/TEFL or equivalent qualification containing observed and assessed teaching practice*
3. 具备2年及以上全职英语教学经历,高校教学经历优先考虑
Ideally 2 years’ experience of teaching and assessing English language at B1 level and above
4. 组织沟通能力、人际交往能力、抗压能力、团队协作能力
Excellent organizational, communication and inter-personal skills, ability to work under pressure, ability to lead and work well in teams
5. 能够使用相关软件(Moodle等)
Ability to use ICT effectively including use of a virtual learning environment (e.g. Moodle)
6. 8月底到岗
Be on board in end of August.
*Alternative qualifications and experience on the merits will be considered as well

IV. 薪酬待遇/Compensation and Benefits

极具竞争力,含住房、机票补贴及教学奖励津贴Highly competitive; subsidy for accommodation, air ticket and bonus for teaching will be covered.

V. 申请方式/How to apply

1. 简历/ An updated CV/resume in MS Word or PDF version2. 最高学位证书/ Copy of academic qualifications (terminal degree)3. 教学证书/ Teaching qualification certificate (e.g DELTA/CELTA/TESOL/TEFL)4. 护照/ Passport scanned copy5. 1-2封推荐信/ One or two reference letters that shows ideally two-year full-time teaching experience

VI. 工作地点/Location

成都市高新西区电子科技大学清水河校区/海南陵水黎安国际教育创新实践区滨海校区Qingshuihe Campus, UESTC/Hainan Lingshui Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone Coastal Campus

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