English Language Teacher in Xi’an

March 29, 2024

Job Description




Language, Writing & Culture


Xi’an, Shaanxi, China


01 Introduction of Xi’an Foreign Language School
Xi’an Foreign Language School is a ‘Twelve-year Curriculum System’ private school with an open and international educational culture. Its predecessor was one of the first national foreign language schools in China, which established in 1963 by the permission of Premier Zhou Enlai. The school is located in Feng Cheng 1st Road, the National Economic and Technological Development District in the north of Xi’an.
The school is now one of the first batch of demonstration foreign language schools in the country, a foreign language experimental school of the National Basic Education Research Center, a vice-chairman school of the National Education Research Association of Foreign Language Schools, and a standardized high school in Shaanxi Province.
02 Recruitment Position
One Full-time English Foreign Teacher
03 Qualifications

1. Personal Qualifications:

Degree: at least Bachelor degree;
Certification: teacher qualification certificate;
Teaching Experience: more than two years of work experience.

2. English is the applicant’s mother tongue, and he or she must have standard pronunciation and intonation, and own excellent speaking and writing skills.
3. Major in English education and have rich middle school teaching experience.
4. Abide by the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, laws and epidemic prevention policies, love education,take work seriously and be responsible, major in English education and have rich middle school teaching experience.
5. Have good learning ability and strong sense of teamwork.

04 Job Requirements

1. To be responsible for teaching our school’s oral English and related English courses for international classes, and imparting British national culture.
2. To cooperate with teaching teams to organize relevant competitions and various activities (such as speech competitions, foreign language arts festivals, campus open days, etc.).Those with talent or arrangement ability are preferred.
3. Applicant must carefully prepare lessons in accordance with the school’s requirements, involve themselves in classroom management and communicate with other teachers on time.
4. To provide the required courseware and examination questions for the daily teaching courses.

05 Monthly Income
Teachers will be paid by their professional qualification and teaching performance accordingly.
06 Steps of registration
1. Applicants should submit their scanned application materials – resume and motivation letter to the email address: qzyqizhaoyu@126.com.
2. Candidates will be confirmed by the screening the application materials. Then, they will be arranged to have the following interviews and give the demo class.

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