EO Catalyst Technical Service Operator Shanghai, Beijing

Job Description

The Shell Catalysts and Technologies EO business has regional headquarters and technical offices in Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai. It has a commanding market share as the leading provider of EO catalyst and technology to the chemicals industry with large competitive strength in its products, people and technology.
EO Catalyst Technical staff worldwide provide support to each of the three regions and as part of a global team.
We are looking for an EO Catalyst Technical Service Operator to provide technical support to our business and its customers in China as a key part of SC&T’s China Strategy plan for growth. There may also be opportunities to provide support to customers in other regions of the world. Significant international travel will be expected.
This job provides a great way to learn about EO catalyst and EO/EG process technologies, to travel and work with colleagues overseas, and to contribute to a material global business for Shell. The chance to work regularly with external customers is also expected to be a major development opportunity for many applicants.
The successful candidate will join the SC&T EO catalyst technical team in either the Beijing or Shanghai office and be responsible for supporting the technical activities for customers in China or the Asia/Pacific business region.
The principal accountabilities of the EO Catalyst Technical Service Operator will include:
Reactor Inspection/Turnaround Support: Major accountability is providing support at customer locations in the Asia/Pacific region while they are removing old catalyst and installing fresh catalyst. The TSO will be responsible for operation of a boroscope/remote video to inspect customer reactors and to give key advice based on that inspection. In addition, the TSO must also be prepared to provide on-site consultation to the customer during the entire catalyst turnaround process and be able to document his/her activities. This activity is key to assuring contractual commitments of SC&T’s catalyst performance.
Mobile Lab Operation: The second major accountability is to provide operational support on our 40 foot containerised mobile laboratories at customer locations in the Asia/Pacific region. The TSO must be able to maintain the mobile lab; operate the mobile lab in a safe condition at customer locations; calibrate, operate, and troubleshoot the analytical equipment; conduct wet chemical analyses as required; and maintain good housekeeping practices.
Shipping/Logistics: The third accountability of the TSO position is to manage the shipping & logistics for equipment and materials within China. We routinely transport mobile laboratories, boroscopes, gases, chemicals, and other materials and supplies to and between customer locations. These responsibilities will include but not be limited to dealing with freight forwarders, shipping companies, and international customs agents.
SC&T’s  EO has currently about 40+ customer plants in China and Asia Pacific is expected to grow as part of its China Strategy plan. China represents the single largest market for the EO market globally and also for SC&T’s – contributing more than 45% of revenues. The catalyst business is a material business for Shell and a major revenue stream for P&T.
Working independently for extended periods on customer sites.
Working across many interfaces throughout the SC&T’s business, its R&D sites and technical offices in Houston, London and Singapore
The successful candidate must:
– Interact efficiently with global TSO and TSE colleagues to improve the business’ overall technical capabilities and practices.
– Work effectively with local and global technical service engineers to deliver technical support that is valued by the customer and the SC&T EO catalyst business.
– Maintain personal travel documents in a timely manner (e.g., passports, visas, etc.).
– Document work activities to meet ISO requirements.

What we need from you?

Diploma/Degree in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
A qualified candidate must have at least 3-5 years of operational experience in a chemical plant, laboratory, or pilot plant.
Experience in one or more of these areas — catalyst, EO catalyst, the EO/EG process, analytical equipment (especially gas chromatographs) — is highly desirable.
In addition to technical qualifications and experience, the successful candidate must:
– Be willing to travel, both domestically and internationally
– Be flexible to accept travel assignments sometimes at short notice
– Be able to work independently at third-party sites
– Be capable to represent SC&T at a third-party site in a responsible, professional manner
– Show flexibility within the environments of dynamic marketing and manufacturing
– Willing to respond to customer needs at short notice
– Proficient in the use of modern computer systems
– Good interpersonal and oral and written communication skills are necessary

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