Facility Manager

September 23, 2022

Job Description

Mission/purpose of the Job

Proactively drive, control and engage in facility management services in such ways that the extent and quality contribute to RES’s mission to reduce costs, increase efficiency and secure the service delivering.

Scope and influence

Proactively manage, control, develop and improve the total facility management services at site level, including costs and defined quality through close cooperation with receiver and suppliers. Secure that task is completed according to RES (Facility Management strategy and concept) whilst, at the same time meeting the needs from receivers.

Manage FM-related affairs for all rental offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and other cities, including office leasing.

Key responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Operational facility management (supplier management) and control
  • Assure compliance with all applicable directives and laws
  • Secure space optimization for offices
  • Purchase facility management assignments together with responsible buyer from IPS
  • Assure a transparent price model towards the receiver
  • Provide receivers with figures for forecasts
  • Identify local receivers’ need and changes in demand
  • Responsible for Service Content Responsibility towards supplier and receiver
  • Share Best Practice with peers within region, division and function
  • Participate in the work to develop facility management services
  • Responsible for the budget within area of responsibility
  • Provide Business Control with necessary data
  • Responsible for facility management economy at site/ sites, including budgets and follow-up for income, costs, projects and reporting in designated systems
  • Manage the work in accordance to the Volvo Group processes

Essential educational and/or training qualifications and certificates

Facility Management Diploma

Preferred experience and knowledge

  • Minimum 5 years work experience within Facility management services
  • Supplier management expertise
  • Knowledge of legislation according to facility management services
  • PC proficiency and good understanding of IT tools in general

Necessary technical/functional/language skills

  • Good skills in English written and spoken
  • Good knowledge of material and methods for FM Services
  • Skilled in CAD

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