Faculty Positions at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (2022)

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Job Description

Ⅰ. About Us

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, also known as the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), is located in Guangzhou, the “Flower City”. Founded in 1835, it is the first Western medical school in China and the cradle of China’s western medicine education. Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary forerunner of China, studied medicine at this hospital and later pursued the path to build a democratic nation. With a history of more than 187 years, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital (SYSMH) has now developed into a large and comprehensive 3A-Grade hospital, which features medical care, education, research, disease prevention and healthcare services. Standing on the threshold of a new era, SYSMH endeavors to become one of world’s first class research hospitals, while leading in medical practices and research in China.

SYSMH has seven National Key Disciplines, 11 National Key Clinical Specialties, and 23 Guangdong Provincial Key Clinical Specialties, It focuses on building the “7+1” academic clusters, which include the “malignant tumors” cluster, the “cardiovascular systems” cluster, the “head and neck diseases” cluster, the “gynecology and pediatrics” cluster, the “geriatrics and rehabilitation” cluster, the “immunology and metabolism” cluster, the “emergency medicine and infectious diseases” cluster, and the comprehensive medical technology platform. Oriented by disease diagnosis and guided by discipline construction, SYSMH has established sophisticated platforms for scientific research, including the Basic and Translational Medical Research Center, the Clinical Research Center, and the Medical Engineering Research Center. Over the years, it has won many prestigious awards in scientific platform at all levels.

SYSMH aims to provide new PIs with a productive research environment to start their careers. It now owns ample research spaces, including the labs of the Basic and Translational Medical Research Center in the North Hospital Campus and the Guangzhou International Biological Island, respectively, the Biobank and the Phase I Clinical Research Center in the South Campus, and the Nanhai Transformation and Innovation Center for Precision Immunology in the Foshan City, all of which are fully equipped with cutting-edge research instruments amounting to over one hundred million yuan. Moreover, a building for medical research and education is under construction on the Renji Street near the North Hospital Campus.

SYSMH is built upon a large pool of talents with a strong foundation in research. To date, SYSMH has won more than 70 national talent projects, and more than 160 recipients of talent awards at provincial or municipal level. In 2019, Professor Erwei Song, the President of SYSMH, was elected as Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a widely accepted mark of excellence in science.

SYSMH has outrun most 3A-Grade hospitals in Guangdong Province in terms of the number of scientific research projects and the amount of research funds received (~230 million yuan per year). Its faculties have led multiple national major research projects, such as the National “973” Project, the “863” Project, the National Key Research and Development Project, the National Natural Innovation Research Group and the National Major Natural Science Project, etc..

Their research findings have been published on renowned international academic journals, such as Cell, Nature, Science, Trends Series, ect.. Among the many scientific achievements, the research works by Prof. Erwei Song’s team were selected as Top Ten Scientific and Technological Breakthrough by the Ministry of Education in China in 2008 and 2018, respectively. He also led a project on breast tumor research which won the Second Prize of the State Natural Science Award in 2015, one of the most distinguished awards in China.

According to the Nature Index, SYSMH has ranked among the top hundred healthcare institutions in the world for five consecutive years.

Currently, SYSMH is seeking qualified applicants home and abroad for the faculty positions under different talent programs.

Ⅱ. Research Areas

1. Tumor biology (eg. tumor microenvironment);

2. Immunometabolism and inflammation (eg. immunity in metabolic diseases, infection immunity and vasculitis);

3. Neuroscience and brain science (including brain-machine interface);

4. Big data in medicine, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence;

5. New drug development (small molecules, antibodies and RNA, etc.) and drug delivery;

6. Stem cell and somatic cell therapy;

7. Medical engineering (eg. development of medical equipment, biomedical materials, and 3D printing techniques).

Ⅲ. Positions

Basic Criteria:

Applicants must adhere to the one-China principle and the CPC leadership, and abide by Chinese laws. Candidates are expected to be dedicated and responsible, as well as having a solid academic background and a rigorous attitude of scholarship. They should also maintain high standards of academic integrity and demonstrate team spirit.

Programs Available:

1. “100 Top Talents Program” of SYSU

(1) Leading Talents:

Candidates are expected to be under 50 years of age, and have achieved landmark innovations and significant impact in their respective fields, or enjoy world-wide recognition in their studies on clinical medicine.

(2) Outstanding Middle-aged and Young Talents:

Candidates are expected to be under 40 years of age, and display great potential in scientific research and technological innovation. They should also have a solid research foundation with scientific findings being acknowledged by academic peers home and abroad.

(3) Excellent Young Scholars:

Candidates under 35 years of age, show promises in scientific innovation, and have achieved original research results.

2. Clinical professionals Program:

Candidates under 50 years of age, and have obtained recognition in related field for their unique clinical skills, or have achieved high-impact research achievements.

3. Research Fellows Program:

(1) Distinguished researcher / distinguished associate researcher / research assistant:

Applicants should have a doctoral degree from renowned universities home or abroad, or have rich working experiences at higher education or research institutions. They should show academic potential in their fields of research.

(2) Postdoctoral Researchers:

Applicants under 35 years of age, and have obtained a doctoral degree for no more than three years. They should have a solid academic background and display scientific research ability.

Ⅳ. Support and Benefits

1. Competitive Salary Package

Successful applicants will be provided with but not limited to the followings:

(1) Yat-sen Scholar allowances,

(2) settlement allowances,

(3) research start-up funds,

(4) recruitment quota of graduate students

(5) supporting staff, such as research assistants, etc..

2. Talent Development Support

SYSMH has launched multiple talent development projects such as “Sun Yat-sen Clinical Scientist Program”, “Sun Yat-sen Distinguished Doctor Program”, “Outstanding Young Scholars and Excellent Young Scholars Cultivation Program”, “Sun Yat-sen Excellent Medical Talents Training Program”, “Sun Yat-sen Postdoctoral Double-Talents Program”, and “Sun Yat-sen Postdoctoral Post-funded Program” etc, which provide ample support for the development of its faculty .

3. Resettlement Services.

(1) Assistance with the employment registration;

(2) Liaising with the logistics departments to guarantee the availability of a furnished apartment with necessary home appliances (for rent), plus adequate medical coverage;

(3) Assistance with the application for high-end talent certification and talent green card at local municipalities ;

(4) Assistance with the registration of residence permits in Guangzhou for the introduced talent’s family;

(5) Support for the introduced talent’s child education and spouse employment.

Ⅵ. Application Procedure

This recruitment announcement is continuously effective . Please send applications to [email protected] with the following materials (The position to be applied for should be stated in the email subject).

1. Chinese and English CVs showing background, education and work experience, scientific funding and publications (indicating the latest quartile ranking of Chinese Academy of Sciences) records in the past five years, and awards received;

2. Any supplementary materials, including ID cards/passports, all academic certificates, proof of employment, proof of funding, the first page of representative papers, etc..

Ⅶ. Contact

Contact Person: Ms. Wenjie CAO, Mr. Hongliang SU, Ms. Fei SONG.

Tel: +86-20-81332510

Email: [email protected]

Address: 107 Yanjiang West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 510120

Website: http://www.syshospital.com/