Faculty Positions at the School & Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, College of Medicine, Natio..

April 26, 2023

Job Description

Title Faculty Positions at the School &; Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University.
Office College of Medicine–School of Physical Therapy

TIME 2023/4/12 下午 03:08:34

Content Faculty openings at all ranks: Assistance Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor

1. Must be a licensed physical therapist in Taiwan.
2. Holds a Ph.D. degree in physical therapy or any related field from a university which is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan, Taiwan.
3. With teaching enthusiasm and research potential, teaching experience or post-doctoral research is preferred, and having peer-reviewed papers or works published within the past five years. For other requirements, please refer to the following web page for details- https://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/person/Fpage.action?muid=2041&fid=1368.

Job Description:
Responsibilities include teaching entry-level DPT students, research, and clinical service. Candidates with expertise in cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, or neurological physical therapy are preferred. The anticipated date of appointment is Feb 1, 2024.

Each candidate should provide documents of Item 1 through Item 6 blow:
1. Curriculum vitae
2. Hard copy of the Ph.D. diploma and physical therapy license
3. List of publications within the past five years and the electronic files (PDF format) of the representative and reference works
4. Teaching and research plans
5. Other relevant materials
6. Two recommendation letters from Associate Professors or Professors, advisors or job supervisors preferred, in related academic fields

Each candidate should fill out an application form and the required documents listed above. Please download the blank forms of the No. 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19 documents from the following website- https://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/person/Fpage.action?muid=2056&fid=1383.

˙ Please send the electronic files of the completed documents of Items 1-5 to Chairperson/Professor Shwu-Fen Wang at sfwang@ntu.edu.tw and cc to ywkao@ntu.edu.tw.

˙ The recommendation letters (Item 6) should be mailed directly to Shwu-Fen Wang, Ph.D., PT, Chairperson and Professor, at the following address:
School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy
College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Floor 3, No.17, Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan

˙ Please send in your application before 5 PM on July 10, 2023 (Taiwan Time).

Contact person: Ms. Yea-Wen Kao 
E-mail: ywkao@ntu.edu.tw   Tel: 886-2-3366-8156    Fax: 886-2-3366-8161
Website: https://www.mc.ntu.edu.tw/ntupt/

Reader Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Others

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