Feature Strategy & Program…

September 24, 2022

Job Description

Feature Strategy & Program Manager- New FeatureShanghaiCorporate Function / Support – StrategyExperiencedOur team is dedicated to building a safe environment for users to discover and create on content platforms.
As a feature strategy & program manager for new user features, you will have the opportunity to work with teams of product managers, policy managers, operations, legal and various relevant stakeholders to triage safety issues for new product features to provide prompt and professional input from the user safety perspective and support new product features’ launches, including:
1. Conduct research and safety risk assessment on new user features, provide strategic input from the policy perspective, and involve relevant stakeholders to get consensus across the board;
2. Work with Safety Product Manager to deliver strategy papers regarding policy and moderation infrastructure design;
3. Support the feature roll-out, monitor online performance, and optimize existing safety strategies.
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