Foreign English/French/Spanish/Japanese Teachers

Job Description

About Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade

Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade (FUIST), as a full-time regular undergraduate institution established upon the approval by the Ministry of Education, is the initiator and Vice Chairman of the National Alliance of Non-profit Private Colleges & Universities, and Executive Vice President of the Higher Education Professional Committee of China Private Education Association. FUIST also provides cooperative program for postgraduates along with other colleges and universities. According to the latest 2023 China University Rankings released by Cuaa.Net, FUIST was highly recognized as one of the six-star private colleges and universities in China, coming to the fourth place in the ranking of private colleges and universities in China in terms of comprehensive indicators while defending its first place in Fujian Province. In order to further enhance the internationalization of Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade(FUIST), broaden students’ international vision and attract excellent international teachers, FUIST releases recruitment for excellent foreign teachers with relevant information as follows:

FUIST recruits teachers in Language Teaching and Subject Teaching. The employment will be full-time under contract management and principles.

Language Teaching Positions: English, French, Spanish, Japanese

Salary and Benefits:

  • 1. Monthly salary of 11,000 RMB for Bachelor’s degree / 13,000 RMB for Master’s degree, with 11 months’ salary paid annually;
  • 2. Provide additional 10,000 RMB airfare travel allowance per year (directly issued);
  • 3. Provide free well-decorated apartment (50 square feet);
  • 4. Three free meals for teaching staff, five routes of school buses from Fuzhou city to the school regular round-trip transportation;
  • 5. Free use of on-campus gym;
  • 6. All kinds of holiday expenses 2000 yuan and other benefits;
  • 7. Renewal incentive is calculated from the second appointment period (an appointment period of one year), 400 yuan per month, capped at 10 years;
  • 8. The school will purchase commercial insurance for foreign teachers in accordance with regulations.