English Language Teachers Recruitment (2022)

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Job Description

Job Description

3 new foreign teachers (2 on Dongguan Campus,1 on Zhanjiang Campus) are needed to conduct English language teaching at the School of Foreign Languages from 29 August 2022 to July 10, 2023.


  1. Age under 57
  2. Physically and mentally healthy
  3. Having Bachelor’s degree or above
  4. Having at least 2 -year of English teaching experience or with a TESOL, TEFL or ESL certificates
  5. Native English speakers (See attachment)


  1. Applicants should bear the cost of Educational Certificate Check, Police Check and Physical check conducted before arriving at GDMU etc by themselves for the application of Working Permit.
  2. Maximum hours of teaching per week: 18 teaching periods (40 minutes each)

Salary & Allowance

1. Monthly Salary

  • ①¥ 8000 for Bachelor ‘s degree holders;
  • ②¥ 9500 for Master’s degree holders
  • ③¥ 11000 for Doctoral degree holders

2. Allowance

  • ①¥ 300 monthly lunch allowance;
  • ②¥ 700 allowance for Teachers’Day in September;
  • ③¥ 300 office supplies per year;
  • ④¥ 8000 international travel allowance upon completing the contract.

3. Free On-campus Accommodation

An independent apartment with one bedroom and a living room; Basic furniture and living facilities are provided, such as washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner, hot water heater, free access to Campus net, etc.

4. Holidays

All statutory holidays specified by the Chinese government.

5. Vacations

  • 1. Fully paid winter vacation scheduled by the university;
  • 2. Fully paid summer vacation upon having the contract renewal with the university for the new academic year.