Foreign Language Teachers Recruitment, Yanshan University

June 28, 2023
¥11,000 - ¥16,000 / month

Job Description

To meet the needs of foreign language teaching and talent cultivation, Yanshan University is now recruiting a number of outstanding foreign teachers at home and abroad. Recommendations are welcomed. We hereby announce the recruitment related matters as follows.

1. Basic requirements

We need foreign experts and scholars with sturdy knowledge, good health and friendly attitudes towards China.

Experts engaged in language teaching (English, Japanese, Russian, German and French) should have bachelor degree or above or the title of lecturer or above. Teachers who major in linguistics, literature, pedagogy and other related fields are preferred. We need teachers whose native language or the first language is the related language, and have more than 2 years’ relevant language teaching experience. The limit in terms of work experience may be relaxed for those who have obtained a teacher’s qualification certificate awarded by their country or an international language teaching certificate.

Experts engaged in professional teaching should have a bachelor’s degree or a higher one. Teachers with skills, knowledge or experience of engineering or management or teachers with a master’s degree or a higher one are preferred.

Teachers we are going to hire should be under 60 years old with physical and mental health, love the higher education, abide by the law, have correct ideological and moral characters, work rigorously and possess good professional ethics and team spirits. These teachers must abide by the laws and regulations of the people’s Republic of China, and have no legal disputes or criminal records in their original residence.

2. Working requirements:

(1) Working place: Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province

(2) Working duty: Giving listening, speaking, reading or writing courses of foreign languages or other undergraduate professional courses and completing tasks related to teaching and research.

(3) Working hours :No more than 16 class hours per week(1 class hour:45 minutes). 448 class hours of teaching work should be completed in each academic year

3. Wages

(1) basic wage

Degree Basic pre-tax salary (¥)
Bachelor 11000~14000
Master 12000~15000
Doctor 13000~16000

According to foreign teachers’ educational attainment, relevant working experience and other conditions, the specific salary will be negotiated face to face. Yanshan University can provide a competitive salary in North China. For those who are quite excellent, the salary can be further negotiated.

(2) Welfare:

①Accommodation: Yanshan University will provide each teacher with an apartment free of charge to ensure the basic living needs in China. The apartment includes furniture, appliances, etc. Yanshan University will be responsible for paying all the expenditure on water, electricity and maintenance.

②Travel: Yanshan University will provide every hired teacher an economy-class international round-trip air ticket from Beijing to the place which is the closest to his or her hometown after the teaching tasks for one academic year are completed. In lieu of the ticket, the school may pay at least 80% of the ticket fee in cash to the teacher if he/she requests so;

③Medical treatment:Employees shall have medical insurances and accident insurances available in China. Employees need to purchase medical insurances by themselves. Our school promises to provide accident insurances.

④Other bonuses and allowances: Allowances for overtime working, working years, reward based on outstanding teaching and baggage will be provided;

⑥Procedure fees: Yanshan University is responsible for dealing with all the procedures required and bear the relevant expenses before foreign teachers’ coming. But employees are obliged to provide necessary assistance.

4. The environment and facilities of Yanshan University and its surroundings

(1) Climate: As one of the top 40 livable cities in China, Qinhuangdao, a coastal city, has a pleasant climate and good air quality.

(2) Transport: The campus of Yanshan University is extremely close to the sea.It takes around 30 minutes to take a bus to the downtown area, Shanhaiguan train station and Qinhuangdao train station. There are also school buses from east campus to west.

(3) Scenic spots: There are a lot of 4A-class scenic spots around Yanshan University, such as “Pigeon Nest”, Zu Mountain, Yansai Lake, Gold Coast, etc.

(4) Athletic facility: There are all kinds of sports facilities on campus such as gymnasium, ground track field,fitness center, tennis court, basketball court,etc.

(5) Food: You can dine at an Internet-famous restaurant on campus and also go to the cuisine street outside the school where people can taste a variety of foods from different regions of China.

(6) Shopping and entertainment: It is very convenient to shop both inside and outside school. There is a big shopping mall which is only 300 meters away from the east gate of Yanshan University.

5. Specific time and procedure of recruitment:

(1) Registration time: From April of 2023 to June of 2024(the recruitment of teacher will end as long as we get enough teachers);

(2) If you are interested in teaching in our school, please provide the personal application materials in PDF format within the time limit:

① Resume;

② Electronic photos;

③ Passport (information page) (scanned copy);

④The highest degree certificate (The certificate shall be certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate in the related country, that country’s embassy or consulate in China, or a Chinese academic certification institution );

⑤Relevant qualification certificates (it shall be certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate in the related country or that country’s embassy or consulate in China );

⑥Health certificate (A medical examination report or a certificate of health examination

issued within six months by an overseas health medical institution approved by a Chinese embassy or consulate in the related country or by the China’s inspection and quarantine authority shall be provided);

⑦ Work qualification certificate in both English and Chinese (The previous employer of the applicant shall issue a work experience certificate related to his/her current position, covering the information about the position, work duration, an effective contact number and an email address. The document needs to be stamped with the official seal of the previous employer or signed by the person in charge.);

⑧ Certificate of no criminal record (It shall be issued by the police, the security department, or the court of the nationality state or the place of habitual residence of the applicant and certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate in the related country, or that country’s embassy or consulate in China);

⑨ For transfer of foreign teachers in China, valid residence permit (scanning copy) and certificate of cancellation of original work permit shall be submitted in addition to all the above materials (Note: The subject of the applicant’s email shall be written in the format of “name + position”)

(3) For those qualified in the preliminary screening, we will organize an interview (the interview time and form shall be notified separately). After the interview, the applicant will sign the contract with us and go through relative formalities.

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